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    Are people getting internet from Delancer satisfied with the service?

    I did and was not happy. You did not answer my question. You don't know the answer?
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    Are people getting internet from Delancer satisfied with the service?

    2 year ago they dropped their prices trying to compete with Claro fiber internet. But as you noted, often their real speed is way less than what you pay for. And when the speedtest shows fast results most of the apps/websites have issues. Looks to me that they have oversold their bandwidth...
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    Are people getting internet from Delancer satisfied with the service?

    How much you would charge for similar plan from Claro?
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    Dirty Mac

    Alex, Yuri and Nikita. All are Russians. All work on Macs.
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    Satellite Internet Provider

    Satellite internet would be a lot worse that what you have now. And more expensive for the equipment and monthly plans. Where are you located? You may have other options there from a local provider.
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    La Romana - Paris CDG May 27 evacuation flight

    In case someone interested. From a facebook group announcement. Tickets available for a flight to Paris on May 27th, 2020! As the seats available are limited please send your request as soon as possible. Flight scheduled for May 27th, 2020 Wednesday, at 16:30 from La Romana airport to Paris...
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    Different Couriers/Forwarding Companies

    Anyone familiar/used a courier with a warehouse in China, not just in Miami?
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    Next wave is coming, THANK YOU Puerto Plata!

    That's - evolution in acion. Darwin was right.
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    Claro problems again

    Internet crashed on all lines - ADSL and Fiber optic. All afternoon and evening. Just came back to normal a few hrs ago. Was it just North Coast problem or nationwide?
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    DR anti-fake app taps citizen power

    Dominican Republic anti-fake app taps citizen power The Ministry of Health and Social Assistance in the Dominican Republic has developed a smartphone app that can be used by the public to report suspect drugs, foods and other products. The DigemApps app – which will be made available via the...
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    Cheapest maritimo shipping?

    What is the cheapest courier company for shipping heavy packages from eBay and Amazon? Do not want to pay $100 for 20 lb package when in no hurry.
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    Claro Internet is dead tonight?

    4 hrs now - no speed. Getting only 10Mbit out of 100 I pay them for. Neighbours have same problem. :(
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    CM Bournigal in POP vs CMC in Sosua

    Came back home from centro medico Bournigal in Puerto Plata yesterday after staying there for 3 days and almost lost my leg due to negligence at CMC in Sosua. I have been living in Sosua since well before they opened CMC but will never be back there again. Short story. Got an insect bite around...
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    Tom Whitehead - RIP

    Just heard from a friend. Tom Whitehead passed away. RIP.
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    Whales at Playa Alicia yesterday

    A friend shot this yesterday