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    Need blood? A colmado near the Red Cross may have what you are looking for

    I hate to donate blood. They always ask too many questions - "whose blood is this? where did you get it? why it is in a bucket?"
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    Shame on you Playero!!!

    Are they so desperate now? Purchased 2 packs of flour yesterday. Stickers on top hiding "sell by date". Removed the stickers.
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    Need help with WIFI network connection to De Lancer

    Then it doesn't look like De Lancer issue. You will need either a wireless repeater (which will slow down the speed) or a router with ethernet cable connection to the main modem.
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    Need help with WIFI network connection to De Lancer

    "WiFi connection drops" or internet connection drops when WiFi signal is present? Two different things. When wifi drops can you still use internet with a cable connected to your computer? Could be bad modem, or bad fiber connection or Delancer issues.
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    german butcher

    Not up to date info. Monday - Friday they open at 10 am now.
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    Routers with vpn installed

    You don't need expensive routers to run VPN. You can buy one (or may be you already have one that you are unaware of) that supports dd-wrt or tomato firmware and install VPN on top of it. I just tried two old routers this morning - both work great with VPN. Easy installation if you can follow...
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    STARLINK is getting closer......

    Sounds promising. SpaceX moves to beam Starlink internet into trucks, boats, and aircraft
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    STARLINK is getting closer......

    From Starlink FAQ Can I travel with Starlink, or move it to a different address? Starlink satellites are scheduled to send internet down to all users within a designated area on the ground. This designated area is referred to as a cell. Your Starlink is assigned to a single cell. If you move...
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    Best VPN service in Cabarete

    Looks like you misunderstand how VPN works.
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    Tips for finding a place with good Internet service?

    Cabarete has no fiber-optic from Claro. Only ADSL, which is not very reliable. You may be better off with Cable del Norte fiber optic. They are a lot more expensive than Claro, require no contracts, can get you connected same day.
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    Best internet connection in Sosua

    Don't use boosters/repeaters. They will add latency and noise. If you need stronger signal - get your own router and hook it up to the original modem. If you can - connect your laptop with an ethernet cable, not via wifi.
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    What happened to Caribe Tours?

    Anybody can share the current timetable for Caribe Tours for Saturdays and Sundays from Sosua to Santo Domingo? Looks like the web site for Caribe Tours was last updated in 2010.
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    Uber Experiences

    Anyone knows the answer to my original question?
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    Uber Experiences

    Need to go from Santo Domingo MetroBus station to La Romana airport to catch a late evening flight. Do UBER drivers have permission to drive during curfew hours? Or anyone can recommend a reliable taxi driver in Santo Domingo or La Romana?