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    Bribing is the norm - Pay or Don't play

    I was digging around looking for some information of arriving to the DR by sail boat and came across something I found interesting in several ways.... If you plan to enter the DR by boat, here are the entry procedures: - Fly a quarantine flag (Q) in a visible place on approach and wait for...
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    Facebook listed Real Estate Caberete/Sosua area

    I've read on this board how real estate web sites are poor at updating and the prices are phony, etc.... However, I have been peering into quite a few fb groups listing props for sale in Caberete/Sosua area. I fthese are fresh postings/listings, it would be safe to say they are active listings...
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    Moto rentals for road trip?

    Hey North coasters, Is it possible to rent a moto out of Puerto Plata area and drive to Las Terrenas? Buzz
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    Are land prices ridiculous high?

    I'm browsing the Perdomo sight for lots and it seems to be crazy. Or is it just me? El Limon: 527 m²/ 0.13 acre, 2Km from beach $32K. "The site can be comfortably accessed by 4m road". $61 per sq meter Las Terrenas: 2,503 m² / 0.61 acre, 3.5 km from beach $60K. " Flat piece of land, with many...
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    Ultralight Aircraft communities/strips

    i did a search and the hits were old, like 2004. Would like to know if there are any ultralighters out there flying in DR. Where? any private flying communities?. I built a Challenger II 10 years a go and sold it. Would live to get a single seater/UL to fly around in DR when i move there. I...
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    Brick by Brick

    Wanted some input on my idea. Why not by some land and slowly build the house over the course of 7-10 years, brick by brick? I see many many half built homes in the DR like this. Maybe just build the shell and a perimeter wall. Thoughts? Buzz
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    Need advice

    Post denied. New posts are limited by number of URLs it may contain and checked if it doesn't contain forbidden words. What are the words?
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    Allow myself to introduce myself

    Hola! I belonged to this site quite a few years back, but deleted the gmail account associated. Oh well. Gringo working in Haiti for the past 8 years with a few gigs in West Africa. Many visits to DR and will make it my home, one day. Still searching for the best place to retire. Any ideas...