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    Vaccination card needed to travel to US

    This is FAKE NEWS : You do not need a vaccination to travel to the United States. Unvaccinated travelers can enter with proof of a negative Covid Test taken within 24hrs of departure. SDQ and POP have testing facilities which can complete the test in under 30 minutes, before your flight.
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    Encuentro Beach

    There is a new YouTube video showing the beach and how to get there :)
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    No curfew but with a vaccination card or PCR test to enter establishments

    Thankfully none of the businesses will enforce it, neither will the police. Starting with the All Inclusive resorts all the way down to the local colmado.
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    Mayor Willy's Plans For Sosua

    I will clear this up for you. The Dominican owners will swear up and down that they legally own the building and the land underneath of it. A little bit of research and even a slightly intelligent attorney will normally expose this myth. Most of the foreigners ”investing“ in bars do so with the...
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    The Future of Sosua Coral Reef

    Well whatever happened to the giant vagina statue?
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    Post your Scheduled flights here!

    July 3rd FLL-STI Spirit midnight express...
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    POP airport might not open for tourism until 2021

    Airport Travel during COVID doesn’t look like the US airports are doing any type of screening...
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    Hot water heater

    Is it possible to purchase a North American style water heater here? 50 gallon with an actual thermostat? The small boiler and on/off light switch ain't cutting it.
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    Shipping a Television

    I've spent 30 minutes reading through old posts and still haven't found an answer, so I am going to post this question again. If I ship a 43 inch television that was purchased for less than 200.00 (including tax/shipping) will I be taxed and if so, how much? 
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    Service Dog SDQ?

    Has anyone traveled through SDQ with a service dog? Wondering what the reaction will be with airport employees and security.
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    Motorcycle Purchase

    Any ideas on the best place to purchase a new or slightly used moto in Cabarete, Sosua, or Puerto Plata area. Looking for something in the 200-250cc range. Tauro, Apache etc...