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    Sosúa Beach Renovations

    Correct. They are all squatters. The sooner it gets bulldozed and cleaned up the better it is for the community. That place is a Cholera outbreak waiting to happen. I'm surprised it hasn't happened already. Your point of both sides of the 60 mtrs being squatters is exactly why the gov't...
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    Plane crash in Puerto Plata

    In that pic it looks like the prop wasn't damaged. So for whatever reason the engine wasn't running when it hit. He also had wing strikes, either clipping trees or the ground when he hit.
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    Septic tanks/beds

    I can imagine. Any pics? I could tell some stories! But I won't. They're all Stateside septic tales. But I got some whoppers.
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    Excavation on Hill in Sosúa

    Go out past Puerto Plata, past Cofresi, past Amber Cove. You'll see a small gas station, take that road to the right down the coast towards the village of Guzmancito. About 20 minutes from Rt 5 there will be a beach on your right side that is very similar to Sosua Beach. Vendor shacks...
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    Excavation on Hill in Sosúa

    Which also negates the need for the Playa Media path. I wouldn't want that going thru the middle of my new big dollar project.
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    Excavation on Hill in Sosúa

    The original plan way back was for condo/hotel towers on the beach side of 5 and some pricey villas on the hill side. The Pastoriza family owned both sides of rt 5. Of course a lot can change in a decade plus. But I think once they started the actual site planning recently they decided...
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    Excavation on Hill in Sosúa

    I can't say what's in el Presidente's head or his motives, but you can have both. Helping to pave the way to bring in real paying jobs with real benefits, does improve standard of living/quality of life. Everybody wins in my book.
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    Clothes Pins

    I never leave the house with wrinkles. My mother was very firm about that growing up. Always ironed. Also no underwear as outerwear (T-shirts). She would tell me and 2 brothers "We're not raising any James Deans in this house". 60 years later and I still obey her. No T-Shirts of any...
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    Excavation on Hill in Sosúa

    Agreed. Public beach is public beach. There is an gov't office (assuming it still exists) that determines public beach access thru private land when someone is developing up against a 60 mtr setback. They look at everything and decide if a public access path is needed or not. It...
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    Excavation on Hill in Sosúa

    It will take them a day to get organized, unlock the tear gas, decide who gets to shoot them, etc. Two days max.
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    Excavation on Hill in Sosúa

    When it's finished, I'm sure there will be distinct lines between private and public space. Terraced private space with fencing and key card gates. The developed space on private property will be 100% inaccessible to the public. Public access only to the beach on both ends and maybe in...
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    Excavation on Hill in Sosúa

    What specifically would you be demonstrating against?
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    Are the gangs being taken out of Paul???

    My sincere condolences to you and your family.
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    Uproar Over Arrest of Dominican Defending Himself

    I heard the Bodega Owners Association called the NRA for assistance. I also heard the girlfriend pulled a knife when the card wouldn't work and threatened Jose or may have even stuck him. This case is epic. Jose didn't antagonize, he didn't even reisist at first - kept his eyes down...
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    Excavation on Hill in Sosúa

    A Double Decker! Then it's an easy transition to the Walking Bridge from the upper level. I'm starting to get a Disney World vibe on this thing.