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    Keys duplicated....on sat or sun?

    Hey all. Does anyone know where I can get keys reliably (that will work in the lock :D) duplicated today or tomorrow (sat or Sun) in PP? ...and the location/directions to that place?...
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    who is better? La Sirena, Playero, Janet's, etc...for food?

    It seems to me one store is better for some things...and another store better at other things. Is one truly less expensive than another? Which stores do you think have the best prices?....the best "deals"?...for food.... what has been you experience?
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    Camera Dealer on the North Coast?

    Is there a major camera dealer anywhere on the North Coast? One who knows DSLR's and has a pretty good selection? That failing, is there anybody that has a smaller camera shop that is into cameras and knows what he is doing? I want to find someone good to work with. I have top of the line camera...
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    Where do you go to buy and sell things?

    I am going to be placing an ad on DR1 in a few days for many of the duplicated and extra items coming in a shipping carton in a few weeks, so I will be posting some of the items for sale here. Is this the right thread to use and if not is there a buy and sell thread that I have missed? I was...
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    managing the electric bill

    The price of electricity in our area of Puerto Plata is SIGNIFICANTLY higher than is was in Cabarete/Sosua. How do you manage to keep your electric down to a level that is workable for you? Is anybody "off grid"? did you do that? How about just partial off-grid? I'm curious about...
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    New in in PP...Hello to all.

    :nervous: I'm glad to be here. Hope to find a place I can ask many questions of expats who have been there and done that in the Dominican Republic.....and I seem to have many. 1st one: Is it possible to get movies to stream to an xbox360 subscription here. How do you guys get movies for your...