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    Cangrejos Bridge Has New Damage

    If that bridge drops, which it will. The traffic heading from the airport into Puerto Plata will be insane. It speaks volumes about how much leverage the all inclusive resorts in POP have with this government - zero. Put the same situation in Punta Cana and there would be construction crews...
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    House for Sale - Casa Linda Gated Community in Sosúa/Cabarete

    Remodeled 4 bedroom 3 1/2 bath on large lot backing conservation zone. Have a look!
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    Military in Sosua

    There are easily 400 people who will be displaced. Cooks, bartenders, waitresses, vendors, suppliers, maintenance etc. Largest employer in town is Playa Sosua. This is the equivalent of closing the only factory in a small town , except the politicians aren’t fighting to keep it, they are...
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    Military in Sosua

    Beach and downtown Sosua…
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    Sosúa Beach Renovations

    It’s happening, National Police in swat gear on the beach now. They are closing access in the morning. I’ll keep you guys posted as best as I can.
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    Best Restaurants in Sosua?

    Casa 21 La Catalina Hispaniola Diners Club Dolce Sappore for breakfast 👍 Blue Ice for drinks at night Copa Cabana for a 3am night cap Malibu's Beach Bar (playa Sosua) for football on Saturdays/Sundays 😜
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    Excavation on Hill in Sosúa

    No idea, just some development company. You know how everything goes here, top secret, zero disclosure, no press releases… thus all the rumors. I still can’t believe they literally knocked down half of that mountain….
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    Playa Laguna

    The wall appears to be running along the Grand Laguna property line. Access to the beach runs parallel but about 20 yards back. There is a sidewalk, stairs and then a path to the beach. If they wanted to close the beach all they would have to do is close access to the stairs. This country is...
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    Excavation on Hill in Sosúa

    No, two separate projects. One of the primary investors died of a heart attack a few weeks ago thus work stopped. Give it a few weeks and construction will start again. Most of the excavation has been completed and a different crew will be on-site to build retaining walls and initial concrete work.
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    Excavation on Hill in Sosúa

    By the way, clicking the : on the top of the video and reporting it to YouTube for sexual content.. works. Monetization is removed and thus the encouragement to do more videos is squashed.
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    Sports Bar

    Malibu’s on Playa Sosua #109 halfway down the beach - I own it and unless your looking for University of Michigan ( I went to MSU ) you’ll be happy. Flip Flop‘s at the top of the beach road is another great spot, also American owned. Fat Jessies, Matteo’s and King’s Rhumba bar will all have...
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    Excavation on Hill in Sosúa

    I did a drive by a few days ago. You can see it on my news update on Whiskey & Rum. Horrible place to put a commercial plaza, turning out of that parking lot will be a nightmare, the moto's run that stretch of road wide open.
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    Excavation on Hill in Sosúa

    Thank you :) As for Playa Sosua, none of us know exactly what is planned. My view point shifts on a daily basis. At one point it appeared that the Beach Association had reached an agreement with the government to keep most of the casitas. The day after that meeting all of the casitas were...