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    From Sto Domingo airport to Sosua by car

    Hi all, I'm coming in the end of October in RD. I didn't come for 5 years and it seems there are some new roads. I will rent a car in Santo Domingo aiport and I need to go directly to Sosua. what is the best way to go ? Before the best way was the way throught santiago but now it seems...
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    I have clothes and toy to give

    Hi all I have some clothes (mostly for children) and toy to give before going back to europa. Is there any association in sosua where I can make a donation of it? I'm sure it will be very helpfull.... Thanks
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    Earthquake Sosua 5:30am

    I felt it this morning, my bed was moving a little bit, and my wife felt it too. It's my first, so I can't compare, I don't know if it was strong or not. Do you felt it too?
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    Jetski in the sosua Area ?

    Hi, I would like to do some Jetski in the Sosua/Cabarete area. But at that time, I didn't find any place renting this. Do you know where I can rent one ? Thx
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    From SD to other island by ferry boat ??

    Hi all Is there any possibility to take a boat in Santo Domingo (with the car in the boat) and go to other island around? Puerto Rico maybe? or other? Thanks for your advices
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    What happen with the Police ??

    Since yesterday (Wenesday), the Police seems to be everywhere on the road, checking all the cars and the Motos. Yesterday I was in Santiago, and I had a fine because I wasn't wearing my seat-belt. The policeman stopped me and said to his collegue "esta un gringo" and he was smiling. I noticed...
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    Learning Kite Surfing in Cabarete at a good price

    Hi I'm leaving in Sosua, and I would like to learn (or even try to learn...:cheeky: ) to KiteSurf. Does someone have a good deal, because the shop on the Cabarete Beach seems to be so expensive... Thank you all Diego
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    Restaurants : price for resident

    I remenber I read once a thread on the fact that some restaurants offer differents prices for the permanent residents. I didn't note those because at this time I wasn't a resident. But now I am !!!! So if you know this restaurants, or if you know what to do to pay cheaper and to come more often...
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    Garden Kids VS ISS

    HI all Finally, we are in Sosua, and we re looking for a school for my 3 years old daughter. We still hesitate between the Graden Kids and the interntional school of Sosua. Need your help, opinion and stories on both schools Thanks Diego
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    Internet connection by Cable TV

    I heard that you can have an internet connection with the cable company in Sosua? Is-it true? Does it work well? How fast is-it? Is-it better than the connection by the phone company ? It may be a basic question, but I'll be in Sosua very soon, and I need a good internet connection soon...
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    I need a car for rent for 2 weeks in Sosua

    I'll be in Sosua from January 29th (next monday !!) and I need to rent a car ( a 4 wheels-drive would be perfect ) for at least 2 weeks. Where can I find the best price (and quality too) I thank you for your answer. Diego.
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    Nice furnitures around Sosua

    Hi I'll be in Sosua in two week. I'm gonna live here with my wife and my daughter. We're looking to furnish our home with nice things but not the most expensive. The best deal is maybe in Santiago. I already know "the Sirena" in Santiago but we would like to know if there is more specific...
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    Price for a car ?

    I'll be in Sosua in February. I need a car, I'm thinking about buying a 4-wheel drive, surely a pick-up. I want something from 2000/2002, in a good condition, but not the most luxurious, just something normal. Can you give me an idea of price ? Thank you
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    Sushi bar in cabarete

    Does someone have already try the sushi bar, which is at the entrance of Cabarete (on the left) when you are coming from Sosua. I'm a huge fan of Sushi but you have to trust the place where you're eating it... Waiting for your answer diego
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    Hotel for 2/3 weeks

    Hi all I'll be in Sosua in the end of january. :cool: I need to rent a room for me, my wife and my daughter (nearly 3 years old) What would you recommend? A little hotel (like el Colibri) or a big complex like Sosua by the sea ? Thank you