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    Where's DR heading to?......Act, II

    I read the post by AZB, dating back to Jan. 2003, questioning the sad state of DR's economy, when Hipolito mejia was at the height of his ineptitude; laying waste to everything he touched. King Midas, he wasn't. My question: In spite of Leonel's many errors and follies, e g, the metro; Would...
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    Wal-mart, Home depot, et al. are coming!!

    According to today's DR1 front page, It quotes Listin Diario as saying that within the first three months of 2008, at least two US supermarket chains will open in DR. This comes about as a result of the DR-CAFTA agreement. It goes on to say that the new chains would increase competitiveness...
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    24/7 electricity for Villa Juana.

    According to El Caribe, the utility co. EDEEste has committed itself to supplying uninterrupted power, beginning today Wednesday, Jan. 31st. 07, to this community in SD. the report continues to emphasize that, based on an agreement brokered by the local residents, they will have to...
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    Washington post article.

    Here's a nice story about the "DR's seemingly bottomless pool of baseball talent"
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    Fidel's demise and what it means to DR.

    It means diplomatic"normalization".The lifting of the embargo, competition in manufactured goods, a preferred tourist destination, a bigger consumer of oil, (thereby hiking up prices), and a greater political influence in the Caribbean due to Chavez's sway. Etc..............All to the detriment...
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    Listen to fools........

    ......because even fools have their saying. (someone said that, don't know who). Lumumba's thread: "Down with de-facto martial laws in the DR" was shut down and I don't think that's fair! Yes, he/she has radical ideas and political views. But was wrong with that? Presumably, -correct me if I...
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    Article casts doubt on Columbus' origins.

    Interesting DR-related report that examines and challenges traditional views on the "Almirante" true roots. The above isn't working.(me dummy). Try logging onto Washington post .com for the Monday...
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    The US is out. Who can beat us now?

    The semifinals have shrunk to four teams. DR, Cuba, Korea, Japan. Nobody expected Korea to be in it but their pitchers posted the lowest ERA in the classic..... My question is: who do you fear most (against us) and why? Potato salad: What say you?
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    Are things really getting better??

    There seems to be a lot good news lately posted in DR1, International & local papers, etc. about the improving economic standing & prominence of the DR. Not only as a central (key) area of the world but also as a mover & shaker in Latin America. Apparently, Leonel has been doing his job much...
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    Exotic animals.

    Emus, llamas,boa constrictors, parrots, and other non treatened species. does anyone know if they can be bought legaly in DR? If so where?
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    Los vende patria nos acozan!

    Read dr1's article today about the nasty treatment we dominicans receive by these Puerto Rican a-holes who think they're better because we pass through their isle as inmigrants and sometimes tourists. I can validate this rough-hand behaviour on their part because it happen to me a couple of...
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    An obvious answer to a tough question!

    In one of the threads in this forum (the next ten years) we discuss in great lenght and detail the whys and what-have-you's of our educational shortcomings...I believe the following may be one of many ways we can work on to solve it: There's no arguing that the miserable state of our...
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    Best country club?

    I know we're supposed to post about places we've been to but I'd love to know if there's an inexpensive place in SD where you can bring the family(children) to play tennis, swim etc. and discuss the sorry state of DR with comrades in relative peace and quiet? while quaffing a few presidentes?
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    Best buffet restaurant?

    Does anyone know if there are any "all you can eat" places in DR? There're lots here in Maryland but never heard of one there.
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    Let's change the name of our nation to ......

    .....something other than Republica Dominicana. It's not short, sweet and nifty enough like others' such as Cuba,Haiti.Peru,etc. Plus it will distinguish us from, as Brownskin noted: "those other negroes from Dominica". If the former Upper Volta, Ceylon and Zaire had the resolve to do it, so can...