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    Warning PCR test will be required to enter Canada with in 3 days of arrival

    can you e mail me this file please at thanks in advance mate
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    Sending money from Europe to DR - What is the best way?

    here is your best way its going to save you lots of hidden and currency exchange fees cheers buy me a beer later
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    understanding the PCR test and being educated

    Hola, here is something important to understand and find out regarding the PCR test Cycle Threshold number. Its probably a phone call away but my Spanish is very bad ... LOL so i was hopping someone from this community to be able to complete this small, but critical task so we all know what are...
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    Sto. Dom: Best Furniture Store for Beds and Sofas?

    Ilumel its on Ave. Lincoln south from Kenedy on the right hand side (its huge you can not miss it) its the best there is in Santo Domingo ...its like an art gallery for furniture and al l....
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    Maps Showing The Growth of Santo Domingo

    its called Circunvalacion Santo Domingo use waze or google gps works great
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    Liquid Moly Products

    Axxon Petroleum Av. 27 de Febrero #465. Ens. El millon Santo Domingo 001809-5370007
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    Tourism collapses 87% in August

    absolutely agree inflation will rise (RD peso already lost 10% this year ) , so its time to diversify your portfolio and buy physical gold/silver also bitcoin as hedge to protect your wealth . it my humble opinion saludos DD
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    Prices on condos dropping like a boulder into a lake

    in my humble opinion , give or take the real deals "fire sale signs" will start showing up 3 years from now. you need the panic to set in and we are not there yet ...... in the meantime best investment of a life time would be to buy physical Silver / Gold or BTC have a super fantastic day...
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    Where is Juan Carlos I?

    lets use some common sense folks (if there is such thing now a days) if you are under corruption investigation for $100 million USD ,would you go to a country where Interpol can scoop you any minute and put you in EU jail ??? LoL saludos
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    Toronto/Canada travel restriction?

    FYI. Yes there are direct flights from Toronto with Airtransat going to Punta Cana. Starting Aug.02 (every Sunday) check the web site...
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    Dude , lets be clear here and not take things out of context in any way shape or form. Or you trying to put words in my mouth. I will list below your basic 1,2,3 steps that every person should unconditionally believe and not question (be prepared dont be scared as i say) #1 . this is a biowepon...
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    GusFring, here is my 2 cents perhaps you can even find a cave or a bunker and lock yourself permanently.(or keep your paranoia to yourself) .... Saludos
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    Are the hotels open in LT?

    I can let you know how i feel in 14 days 28 days and further if you wish.... ( educate yourself first before you make a dumm comments...LOL) vitamin C + vitamin D is your way from now on ... called the new normal , so harden up your immune system is the only formula against the biowepon =...
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    Are the hotels open in LT?

    i stay here last weekend ,awesome deal 1bdrm for $25 USD (booked with airbnb) Instagram @villakaterd Saludos