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    Sportsbooks in Santiago

    I am looking for a map of the exact locations for sportsbooks in Santiago. I know they are all over the place but I want to know exactly where they are in relation to where I am staying, before I get there. Santiago only. Any help would be great.
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    Suggestions for night life in La Romana

    Will be in La Romana in late February. Not my first time there but never really find any fun "hotspots" at night. I do speak Spanish although i am definitely am a gringo. I will be there alone.
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    Driving from Santiago to La Romana

    So I have made this drive many times over the years, down the mountains from Santiago (RD 1 i believe) to the capital and then west along the coast. I absolutely hate the capital, don't feel bad Santo Domingo, I don't like any big city driving. So my question is there any other route i might...
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    Sending money to DR

    The cheapest way I have found to send money from the US to DR will cost me 15 US dollars to send 500. That is by using the Worldremit service online. It takes about 4 biz days to transfer from one bank account to another. Anybody find a cheaper way? Time is not an issue... I know its not that...
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    Santiago Jan. 3rd through 13th, nightlife?

    Very familiar with much of the island and do speak spanish pretty well, but not a whole lot of knowledge when it comes to Santiago area. I am looking for any help with nightlife. People, beers, maybe sports on the tube, and some loud music is what i am looking for, in a somewhat safe setting? I...
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    Any DR1 members in Santiago?

    I am trying to send a school in Santiago some gifts. The name of the school is la Escuela Cienfuegos Abajo. I have done hours of google searches to find their address. Can anyone come up with that for me? Thank you.
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    Anybody ever seen the soda Mountain Dew anywhere in DR?

    I have lived there before for years, all parts, and I have never seen it in any store. I must admit it is my coffee of choice to start the day. I only vacation in the DR now, and bring my own boat load on the journey. I think its a Pepsi product and there sure is Pepsi everywhere. Thanks for...
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    Is that extra insurance mandatory for renting a car in the DR?

    Last time in the country, February 2016, I rented a car from Alamo and was told I had to get the extra car insurance. I never in the past was made to do so. I have lived there and visited there many times in the past 15 years. My arrival was late at night and I did not want to fight with the...
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    Suggestions from you romantic guys out there.

    Ok, so I have lived on the southcoast, from Santo Domingo to Juan Dolio, in the past. To be exact, for about 10 years. I have not been there in 6 years now. Well, I am coming back and will be stationed on the southcoast for a week. What would you recommend for a romantic dining experience...
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    La Romana

    Been a few years since I been to the DR. Going for a week to Casa De Campo. Where is the night life at these days. I know it's not at Casa De Campo. Looking for discos, drinking hangouts, etc.? Any help would be appreciated. Lived in the DR for 10 years, speak Spanish, but not a Dominican.
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    Looking for some imput here, sure could use it.

    Here is the story, I am American, wife is Dominican, married in the Dominican 9 years ago. We have two children 5 and 9, both dual citizenship. My 9 year old is here in the states with me. 5 year old in the dominican. Both of our kids travel on american passports. My wife has a 17 and 18...
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    Web site to look up cedula info?

    I remember a few years back being able to enter cedula info on a website and getting the cedula photo and info. Does anyone remember this site? If so, can I get the address? I have done numerous searches online, to no avail. Any help is appreciated.
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    Looking for hotel for 1 night stay near Dreams Resort in Punta Cana

    I have friends staying there for a week. Would love to find a not so pricey hotel so I can crash for one night there. I live in Santo Domingo, and will be taking a bus up there I guess. From what I can read it seems there is NOTHING nearby?? Does that literally mean nothing or just...
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    What is there for night life in the Tres Ojos area of Santo Domingo?

    Just moved to this area, start of Charles De Gaulle, or Tres Ojos, wondering if there are any ex pats hangouts in the area? Or even regular dominican hot spots to have a few cerveizas? Any help is appreciated.
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    Inverter question

    First of all what size should i be looking for when purchasing an inverter. I would need something that could power a handful of bulbs, say 5, a few portable fans, say 3, and maybe 3 televisions. What should be the general size needed for something like that? How many batteries would be...