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    We have a shotgun. It is easier to get and no inspections /checks every year. People say it's better protection than a handgun.
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    Trial of Jennifer Joaquin

    yes unfortunatly it starts very early in life.
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    Educa protests teachers taking off school days for more benefits

    Where I live the teachers in public school never work a 5 day week. There are always "meetings" every week.
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    Lions Club in the DR.

    Rotary is a great club. Back in canada it was the most positive group of people I had ever seen
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    My dominican wife has little confidence in most people where we live in the campo. It is a learned thing. She/we kinda stick ot ourselves. She make a point of not becoming good friends with our neighbours as becaus eif something goes south you have to look at them for the next 30 years...
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    Cerebral strokes on the rise in the Dominican Republic; push for more and better care centers

    my sister sent me this.,I thougt it was impiortant troke has a new indicator! They say if you forward this to ten people, you stand a chance of saving one life. Will you send this along? Blood Clots/Stroke - They Now Have a Fourth Indicator, the Tongue: During a BBQ, a woman stumbled and took a...
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    El Niño

    it is so dry and I was wondering about that
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    Reporting blackmail and attemped extorsion

    for the homey pot trap i was just thinking that they could show you a fake cedula( easy to do) fool around with you , then extort money as they were underage
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    Nuria speaks out about being hacked

    does anyone know how you ca get hacked?
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    Medical insurance for local Dominican with no coverage

    We are agents for Humano Health ins Senasa and others. We could send you info if you like. My wife is the number one agent on the North Coast fro Humano ( Humano now has more health insurance policies than all the other insurance companies combined) ) for the past 2 years. . Thanks to the...
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    This is important for everyone who employs domestic help

    we were mot sure how this applied to us. We had someone helping for 1/2 a day daily . We decided to just do it ourselves, rather than get involved in a liquidation money problem later.
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    Growing vegetables under the Dominican Sun.

    food fight
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    Car Insurance

    if you message me I can send a few quotes for auto insurance
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    Car Insurance

    this is a very good summary of main considerations. For our insurance customers we reccomend a minimum of 1 million for lawyers and 5 million for liability. For older cars the collision premiums are not always worth it.
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    Do you think it is worth converting an older 6 cylinder from gasoline to propane?

    thanks everybody for the great info. I appreciate it.