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    Why the blackouts; power service improves over the weekend

    We had a sudden increase in elect bills for a couple of months to 16,000 a month. We checked with an amp meter everything we used in the house. The pool was using too much so we replaced the lines ,we checked how many amps every appliance and found the water heater used way too much so now we...
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    Day to day food choices.

    i have noticed that my food basket is very much smaller now for the same money
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    Power When Electric Out

    I was thinking about just hooking up my house inverter to my car battery for my internet router and a light bulb. Can I do that? I dont want to buy batteries for my inverter. Why are inverter batteries 6 volt?
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    Wear masks, say medical experts

    whats interesting to me is when I go to the beach and I see the smoke from vaping travelling a long way I have to think that no amount of normal masking will stop the virus if its anything like the vap smoke. I find it unbelievable that after 2 years of covid and trillions of money lost and...
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    Rang Rober

    ok just wondering
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    Power When Electric Out

    why do youn eed 2 batteries not one?
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    Rang Rober

    are the 94 and older rang robers good cars?Can you get parts? For me I am not too interested in the newer ones
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    Power When Electric Out

    Can you use a normal house inverter 12 v to ac110v with just one battery and a seperate charger like a car battery charger? why do they always put 2 batteries together on an inverter?
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    Power When Electric Out

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    DR authorized to export beef again to US markets

    should we be raising cattle now?
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    Retire in Dominican Republic: To Be or Not to Be?

    it is the same if you moved from ney york to alabama, or ny city to upper ny state
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    Retire in Dominican Republic: To Be or Not to Be?

    most expats have privalte local heal th insurance. A good plan iabout US$70 a month .
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    Speed bumps everywhere!

    they had a new speed bump near the turnoff to Luperon from the ighway to puerto plata. It caused numerous accidents with people jamming on the brakes or running over it at high speeds.They removed it
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    steak lover! - need help

    As I saw on youtube you can apparently age your own local beef with a fridge and get a dehumidifier and temp control from amazon