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    Residencia Process…news!!!!

    I had the same experience at drstock. All online, medical in Puerto Plata and was told no appointment was necessary in Puerto Plata for medical (was true) and then an appt was set for me to come to SD and was so notified online. My appt was for 2 pm, I was there at 8 am and on the way home...
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    How do I check details of my E-Ticket once created.

    I did my eticket too early and didn't copy the code. Called immigration at the airport and they said just do another one, no problem. I did just that and had no problem filling out a new form and traveling through the POP airport.
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    E-Ticket (Can't enter the DR without this)

    I just flew back to the US yesterday on American through Charlotte to DC. Because I had used Verify all my paperwork was submitted - I did take hard copy with me just in case, but they wanted: E ticket, proof of negative covid test, attestation, vaccination proof and contact information...
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    Trial for Murder of Lindsay de Feliz

    Here's his response. Hi Rosanne, Yes we were aware that the trial is due to start on the 16th and we are trying to monitor what happens, though we are unable to attend ourselves for the same reasons as yourself. Will be interesting to see what the outcome is and hopefully it goes ahead this...
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    Trial for Murder of Lindsay de Feliz

    You could also write to He is doing a 10 part crime series and I have spoken to and been interviewed by him. This is not sensationalism or anything inappropriate. I did write him to make him aware of the trial date, if he didn't already know.
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    Bamboo rollup outdoor screen ?

    So sorry. The best bet is to drive by and catch them on the side of the road - and be sure to get a number. At one time there was a small sign posted - I didn't get a pix of it though. Good luck. I hope you find them and if so, please post it here.
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    Bamboo rollup outdoor screen ?

    Found my notes. My bamboo persons are Pedro and Javier. Javier's number is (829) 698-0772 and he's on whatsapp. I think they're Dominican. Very professional and I'm very pleased with the job, the service and the cost.
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    Bamboo rollup outdoor screen ?

    I had two made by the guy on the road to Cabarete. He was even there in the rain; and came to install them with the proper tools and a day ahead of schedule. I use them on 2 sides of my porch to keep the afternoon sun out. I love them and if/when I'm not here for extended period of time I...
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    Trial for Murder of Lindsay de Feliz

    Lindsey, I am having such mixed feeings. As you know, Lindsay was one of my dearest and longest friends in the DR. I would love to go and support her. My fear is twofold. One is the pandemic - not been in public transportation or closed buildings for 2+ years, but more importantly, they know...
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    Trial for Murder of Lindsay de Feliz

    Anyoone know if the trial actually began?
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    Serious accident on Route 5 near CMC

    Yes, sad to say he passed away.
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    Sosua pharmacy closed for selling vaccination cards

    She is French from France I was told - and a doctor in France before coming to the DR.
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    Second US phone nr

    Yes I can receive calls on my smartphone - because it's free there are ads on it, but I pay no attention to them. And it is tied to a US phone number not my DR number.
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    Second US phone nr

    I have a (free) app on my phone called Second Line - like a burner phone, you choose the area code and then are given a choice of available numbers. Calls are free to US and Canada, texting included.
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    Trace Inverters: Failure to Trace

    We bought our Trace at La Sirena 14 yearrs ago and have a small one with 2 batteries, twice have changed batteries only.