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    Uber from STI to Sosua

    Anyone have luck using Uber to go from Santiago Airport to Sosua/Cab? And back. Is it available there yet?
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    Bringing my car on the San Juan to Santo Domingo Ferry

    I am returning to the Caribbean, but will be mostly in Puerto Rico. I will be making frequent trips to the DR though. Can I bring my vehicle with me on the ferry, and stay with it for a few weeks? Any idea what kind of insurance or paperwork I would need?
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    I need a voodoo doll.

    Either one I can just purchase, or someone who can make one. Any idea where to start looking? Doesn't need to be authentic, or cursed. It could be something from a gift shop.
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    iphone 7 Claro issues.

    I just brought my unlocked, or so I thought, iPhone 7 to claro to get a prepago sim. After some trying, the phone came up with an error saying that the type of sim was not compatible with my phone. I bought the phone outright at Best Buy, and have been using a pre pay AT&T sim in the US. Any...
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    NC Lawyer for residency for my Haitian freind

    He did the regularization last year, was all good, and got the stamp in his passport. Since then, he has tried to jump through all the hoops to get residency. He's tried lawyers, but they just take his money. When he goes to Santo Domingo he gets told that he's "not on the list". Now he is...
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    CPR First Aid Training + First Aid Kits

    My business in the US is doing well, so I will be coming back to the DR this fall! But not permanently, yet! I will be doing CPR First Aid Training, and selling First Aid Kits through my website for residents/expats of the DR, and also for the government and hospitals. My parter and I have a...
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    Owner Financing

    I'm coming back... This fall! Anyone every successfully owner financed an apartment or condo and actually been handed a title at the end of your term? Tell me stories, good and bad.  Also, do my terms seem in line with the norm for the North Coast? Cost of US$125,000 10% down 5% intertest...
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    Air Canada not accepting Debit Card at POP

    My wife just called me. She is at POP trying to check in for her flight. She attempted to pay for her luggage with her debit card, and the gate agent refused saying that they only accept credit cards. My wife's debit card is Mastercard and even has the chip.  The gate agent wouldn't even try...
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    Getting my poor Amigo to the US.

    My fren wants to come visit us in the US. We want to help him get here. He has his appointment at the embassy, but I am afraid he will get denied. He isn't a wealthy Dominicano, but he is a steady worker, all around good person. Is their anything I can do to get him here for a vacation?
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    Must come back!

    I've been back in American for 121 days. I've hated every minute. My wife hates it here, even my kids want to go back to the DR. I miss the people, the weather, the palm trees. We're coming back fall of 2018, but I don't know if I can hold out that long.
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    Classic Car Import

    I need the contact info for the classic car group out of Santo Domingo. I thought they had a facebook page, but I can't find it! I'm planning my return in two years, and want to buy and restore either a 1970's Land Rover Defender, or a Chevy C20 pickup and import it. I just need to know the...
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    Adios, Farewell and Amen After two and half years in the DR, we are outta here. I'm packing the family up, and we're heading back to Wisconsin. We were planning on moving back in August anyways, but because of my sudden loss of employment, we are heading back this week. It...
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    Medical Tourism Logistics

    Ok, so I'm finally going to do something! I am going to start a business venture in the Dominican Republic. I am currently in the planning stages, and am working on my website, contacts, business plan, and legal stuff. I know you are going to ask, so... I've lived here for 2 1/2 years I...
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    Playing pool with Dominicanos

    So, I've been trying my best at the local pool hall... I've learned a few things. They play slop. It's doesn't matter how many rails or balls it bounces off of, if it goes in, then it is good. Last pocket. Some times it is called, some times it is last ball in. They use their crooked ass...
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    It happened again! Almost killed a drunk, passed out in the street

    Two days ago, it was a Gringo laying in the middle of the road by the Texaco station. He was easy to see, and everyone was swerving around him. Last night, around 1am, I damn near ran over a Dominican guy lying in the middle of the road. Same place. Only, this guy was too drunk to get up. It...