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    Operacion Calamar: Three former ministers during Medina administration arrested for alleged big-time corruption

    Pulpo, Calamar... who tf came up with the Sponge Bob nomenclature for this series of political moves.
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    going to boca chica in two weeks

    God forbid that would happen; but in the rare case, please leave a debit card behind so the dogs can be fed.
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    Happy St. Patrick's Day

    does Playero sell whole brisket? I've never seen a one here, maybe have to get it in Santiago. Maybe Pricesmart
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    North Coast Temperatures

    A slight correction here Uncle: a burp would come from the stomach and thus no methane gas. The methane, also in humans, is produced by the by further breakdown of food in the intestinal tract. That said, methane is found in... farts. Edited for correction, mostly farts, some burps, yes...
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    World's First All-Inclusive W Hotel (Punta Cana)

    Marriott International appreciates the coaching points, Fly.
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    North Coast Temperatures

    Live like you're leaving, anyway
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    North Coast Temperatures

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    Telephone Signals

    Calm down big W, everyone has the baseball propaganda message for Claro. let's all eat some fruit
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    Christmas dinner can cost $5,000-$7,000

    Very good point and should be [obvious]. I use my "Lasagne KPI". This is my food cost key performance indicator for Christmas time in DR. The average cost of a large lasagna (meaning no short cuts, homemade sauce, ground beef and sausage, etc, 2 packages of lasagna noodles) used to run me...
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    Get tested!

    My current booster situation: 9 Pfizer 5 Sinovac 3 J&J never felt better!
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    Abandoned Resorts, Hotels, and Villas

    It's the large selection of arenque, bacalao and unbathed tourists with no shirts and bare feet.
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    Abandoned Resorts, Hotels, and Villas

    Well, IMO we have one very nice supermarket to be honest. The other often smells like rotted meats due to them turning off all the refrigeration systems for over 12 hours per day. The selection found in both is ok, many imported products takes months to hit the shelves again. The quality of...
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    Abandoned Resorts, Hotels, and Villas

    W2 is right there too! He'll join you for coffee, rum and chicas