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    New Book about the Florida Keys, the DR, Drugs, & more

    My friend, Bill Rawson (lives in Samana) has written a book about his experiences in the Keys and the DR. Some people may remember him hanging out at O'Shay's watching the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. He's lives in Samana for the last 10-years...
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    Broken Bicycle 249km Tour

    I do a lot of tours every year, but the tour i am most proud of is this one: riding a broken bicycle 249km from Cabarete to SD once a year with no preperation, no planning, and no idea if i will even make it.
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    Shipping a car from the DR to St. Thomas?

    Quick question...Big Frank would like to know if it is economically feasible/practical to ship his 2006 Toyota Sequoia from the DR to St. Thomas? Has anyone ever shipped a car from the DR to another country? If so, how much roughly are the costs, and what exactly is involved? Is it worth the...
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    Walk through the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo