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    DC split Air Conditioner

    600 watts - $6,000. How could it be 6 times AC? dc 8500 - dc powered air conditioners
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    Someone suggested it's own thread

    I did it and now it is gone. I guess you do not understand it's profound relevancy to the Dominican Republic. Should it have gone under "Blending in - tips for foreign residents" or "How to be safer in the DR - Compilation of tips by DR1 Members"?
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    Will this ever

    become the exception not the norm in the Dominican Republic?
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    La Piedra moving

    Is this possible and if so, how long?
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    The beginning

    They went 'public' yesterday. Watch the 60 minutes. Bloom Box: Will you finally be able to kiss off your electric company?
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    Commercial Jackhammer

    Looking to rent or buy used. Any ideas? Air or electric, if electric can be commercial grade.
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    EdNorte electrical rate

    Can someone post the current electrical rate scale EdNorte uses? I understand it is still over 700 Kwh that they charge the highest rate for all Kwhs,but I would like to see the other levels and costs. Thanks Gary
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    Subway tiles

    Has anyone ever seen Subway tiles? White, glossy, 4" x 8" rectangle, rounded edges. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Does this company still exist?

    Sol del Choco S.A. No reply to my email and no phone # that I can see. Thanks
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    Mayor of Montellano

    This lady should be president. There is a ray of hope. Is it hype or does she really know how to think outside the proverbial box. I am thinking that it is only the Dominican ?authority? male that exudes the shameless, transparent corrupt (morally and socially) mentality. I applaud this...
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    El Tabl?n

    Read on that the apartments are almost complete. Will this really happen or will corruption win again? I had heard that in the past, political cronies get the apartments and resell them. Poor people just move back. This would be horrible because El Tabl?n is a cesspool, down...
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    Does anyone have detailed

    infomation about the Sosua reef restoration? When does it start, how long it should take?
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    Water bill

    Can I get a sanity check on water bills in the Sosua area? Homes and apartments with number of bathrooms and pool. If you do not want to post the number of bathrooms you can PM me. I ask because I am being told that a home with 5 bathrooms is paying close to $1500 RD a month. Yes, that is a...
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    Concrete pumper

    Does anyone have any experience on the North coast of the DR with concrete boom pumpers? e.g. Companies I can call, price for pumper, price per yard of concrete delivered. I know they used them on the ?defunct? casino in Sosua but were unable to get any information. Thanks
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    For you Bio Diesel buffs

    This is it. Now when? Pass this around.