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    Speak fluent Dominican....

    Speak fluent Dominican ? Lesson 1 YouTube - speak Fluent Dominican: lesson 1 Speak fluent Dominican ? Lesson 2 (advanced) YouTube - Speak Fluent Dominican: lesson2 Speak fluent Dominican ? Lesson 3 YouTube - SpeaK FLUENT DOMINICAN: lesson 3 (universal word) domincano Speak fluent Dominican ...
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    Thank you Rocky, and a warning !

    Thank you again to Rocky for telling me about IObit Security 360 scanning software. I got hit with a really nasty worm/trojan in my computer last Tuesday - and I do all of my financial business online. I was sweating ! Daily, I run several programs to scan my computer proactively. I use a...
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    Recall - own a Toyota or Lexus here?

    Here is a recall issued for floormats (seriously!) in late-model Toyota and Lexus automobiles which you may not have seen: Toyota and Lexus drivers warned to remove floor mats - Sep. 29, 2009
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    Dominican Barney

    YouTube - Dominican Barney
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    Albania Deleon - Wanted !

    Anyone seen this dominicana - she's wanted. here's her wanted poster: Here's the story about her in the Boston Globe: North Andover woman sought in EPA manhunt - The Boston Globe
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    Libya may build a refinery....

    or maybe they will just participate..... or maybe they just want somewhere new that will process the oil they want to sell.... or maybe Leonel REALLY needs new interpreters... or maybe interpreters who aren't lambones...... What is this? about the 4th country that Dominican news services...
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    Any way to restore dried out cigars?

    A call for help to Hillbilly, or other experts: I just discovered I still have a box of very fine and delicious cigars, but unfortunately they have been squirreled away for almost a year and have gotten kind of "crispy". They are still in their tubes in the box. Is there anything I can do to...
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    Timewaster - European geography

    Here's a test of your geography knowledge of Europe, and a great timewaster... Lufthansa to Europe: Virtual Pilot!
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    Floor polishing cost

    Has anyone recently had their floor tiles "carmelized" (polished to bring back the shiny new-looking finish)? What does this cost per square meter in Santo Domingo?
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    Update on Santo Domingo rental cars

    I came over to Santo Domingo last week. Researching the threads hadn't found much current information on DR1. I checked about 6 different rental companies rates on the internet, and settled on Budget in Santo Domingo, as opposed to the airport location (I came into Santo Domingo at about 1 am)...
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    soo... they don't know where to pay?

    Got a chuckle form the Listin today - it seems that in the poor barrios , the reason that the folks don't pay their "fixed" electricity bills is that they don't know where to go to pay.... Hahahahaha - a new one. Housewives seem to know where to get ANYTHING needed, but they can't figure out...
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    Citizenship application status

    Has the DR government resumed accepting and processing citizenship applications by foreigners married to a dominicana, with children, or is this still on "hold" pending reviews of questionable past applications/grants????
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    Personal Storage - Santo Domingo

    I am looking for a personal storage unit in the Santo Domingo area that is secure and reasonably priced. I need a space of about 12' X 15', and monthly cost. Anyone know a place like this?
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    Alex Rodriguez IS a Dominicano

    Ah, OK Alex, es su PRIMO! y no es su CULPAaaaa. Don't worry pal, your spot in the Hall of Fame is assured. Just as some of your compatriots who did such things as lying to Congress, yada yada yada. Make the DR proud of you (and want to claim you as their own). Meanwhile, Pete Rose is banned...
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    Secure long term car parking

    Does anyone know of a place that has secure and covered long-term parking for a vehicle in Santo Domingo? I need a`safe place to store a vehicle under a roof, and want to pay monthly. (and don't worry - I will keep the keys to the Multi-Lock, but have a friend stop by and start and run the...