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    URGENT Blood donor o- Santo Domingo

    I?m in search of 1 or more blood donors o- in the capital for the patient Ramon Antonio Rodriguez, Family of my wife: He is in urgent need of blood He is hospitalised in Hospital Salvator Gautier Alexander Fleming no 1, ensanche La Fe Santo Domingo, Rep?blica Dominicana The information i have...
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    Forming a Rapid Response team

    Hello Let me introduse myself for those who don?t know me. I?m an experienced dogtrainer i have been a decoy for belgian ring for almost 30 years (next weekend it will be 30 years) and moved 2 years ago to the DR. As this is a high risk country- see the Haitian earthquake last year and several...
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    beer capsulles

    I need some new beer caps or how it is called in English a few thoused to be exact Where can i get that Greetings Johan
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    MIA, Earthquacke, freak accident, blood needed...

    In such dramatic sircumstances speed is of utmost importance. Do you think it is possible to get a DR rappid response team of the ground. which could get things going fast with different specialities, contacting press, police, dogs, blood donors etc... operational within hours if not minutes...
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    Yesterday i attended a palo. Not that i had much choise. It was right next door to where i live. 16 hourse of heat, rum, ritmic dancing induced trance. Not a clean tourist version. in fact I was the only foreigner attending. With foreigner difined as not being born in the bario or married to...
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    Planting, sowing and harvesting

    I come from a place with a moderate climate and overthere ihave a natural idea what to sow, plant and harvest at what time of the year. But over here i?m clueless.Is there somewhere i can find a list of what to do and when Greetings Johan
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    Looking for a Job

    Ok Here it goes Besides a semi professional dogtrainer I'm an Economist specialized in organisation (iso9002) and starting up and developing projects. Speak 5 languages; Dutch, English, French, Spanish and a bit of German. If anyone needs such a man send me a PM Greetings Johan
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    Is there a place in the dr where i can buy hop or hop plants Greetings johan
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    Dog owners and their dogs?

    In less than 48 hours i arrive in the DR. My passion is dog training. Now i was wondering. Who has a dog or dogs(which breed), where does he/she lives and what does he/she do with them. Plus what do you want to do with them. Greetings Johan
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    Heldengebroed is coming

    12/08 Punta Cana ETA 14.35 At last.... and staying :bunny::bunny:
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    Are they easy to find and are they expenncive? I'm not talking about the small toy magnets but heavy duty for small windturbines Greetings Johan
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    Death by a police bullet

    Apparently a distant member of my wifes family was killed by a policeman as he drove past a demonstration in the capital. Does anybody have some information about this? Greetings Johan
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    Translation of the word "kennel"

    How do you translate in spanish the word "kennel" - as being the place a dog is kept (something like this ) - the name of a breeder figuring on the pedigree of a dog (example; Coby van het dreiland where the red...
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    Are the tropical waves further south?

    I daily look at accuweather for any storm activities Am i wrong or are the tropical waves further south this year than last? Geetings Johan
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    Starters gun

    What would be the price of a gun that fires blancs? Befor a discussion starts about the use(lesness) in self defence etc... It's for training dogs Greetings Johan