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    Dominican immigrant wins $338MM USD lotery jackpot

    Nice to see an average person win it. Hopefully he'll have a long life to enjoy his winnings! Immigrant deli worker Pedro Quezada in Passaic, N.J. claims winning $338M Powerball?ticket - NY Daily News
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    Wall street journal chimes in!

    All of a sudden, the DR is getting growing attention from financial publications. Seems like reality is finally catching up to LF's economy of smoke and mirrors. O'Grady: The Dominican Republic's Taxing Turn -
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    Importing Car Using DR-CAFTA

    I haven't been around here in a while, but this was a topic that was left up the air from back then. I had several PMs asking about my experience, since I mentioned that I would be bringing a car to DR. After some delays, due to unrelated issues, I finally did it, and here's my experience: I...
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    WikiLeaks - Let the real fun begin!

    About 2,000 DR related documents have been released to Noticias SIN. The first memo concerning supreme court corruption and money being exchanged around the Baninter trial was discussed last night in their 11:00 PM newscast. An?lisis de los cables Wikileaks sobre las denuncia de corrupci?n en...
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    You Have to Love Las Aguilas!

    Just take a look at these pictures! :D | de bonche en bonche : Figureo En El Play Juego Aguilas Vs Licey @ Estadio Cibao S?bado | 23.10.10 |
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    Current Exchange Rate for Euro

    Does anyone know the current exchange rate for the Euro to DR Peso? Trying to find out for a friend. Thank you.
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    Ewr-pop $201+taxes this coming weekend

    This is leaving on Friday 5/7 and coming back any day Monday through Wednesday. Limited seats available.
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    Italian Embassy in Dominican Republic

    Does anyone know the website for the Italian Embassy in DR? I tried Google, but can only find the street address and an email. Thanks! :)
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    Customs Allowance for Holiday Travelers

    For those of you wishing to bring high priced items to the DR, the DGA (customs) has raised the allowance to $2,500 US Dollars for the 2007 holiday season. From now until January 7, 2008, any items that you bring in your luggage, up to a maximum value of $2,500 USD are exempt from duties. In...
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    Carlos Manuel "El Zafiro" in Rehab. Again!!!

    This guy is probably one of the best merengue singers of all time and his life, like that of many others, has been ravaged by drug addiction. It's a real sad story, that hopefully will have a joyful ending. (I would have said happy, but this site is full of perverts! :laugh:)
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    15 Employees Fired At Sdq Airport

    15 employees from various departments (immigration, customs, drug enforcement agents, maybe others) were fired yesterday from SDQ airport for soliciting cash from travelers. They were caught in the act by hidden video cameras. Good riddance! :p
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    Armed Robbery At Riu Resort

    Bienvenidos al Hoy Digital This is a new low. Not even the AIs are safe anymore! 5 hooded and heavily armed men rob Hotel Riu Mambo in Maimom. I can't even begin to think what this will do to tourism in DR once the travel agents get hold of this news. :(
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    SD Metro - Now we know where the money is coming from!

    LF is requesting senate approval for a loan package in the amount of $116 Million Euros destined toward the construction of the SD metro. It looks very clear that Leonel had to wait until after the midterm elections to drop this bombshell...
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    Why no official misconduct charges?

    I wonder why instead of sending home the police officers mentioned in the article below, they weren't sent to jail instead and charged with official misconduct. Unless the police's top brass gets tough with their own and ends the practice of sweeping these incidents under the rug, corruption and...
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    These thieves got what they deserved! Two thieves caught in the act of breaking into a house were confronted by a group of neighbors who tied them to a tree, undressed them, and proceeded to beat the pi$$ out of them. They were then handed over to police...