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    Do-it-Yourself Temporary Residency Renewal Procedure

    At what step of the renewal process do you have to present your vaccination certificate. Does it required to be uploaded online while uploading the needed documents? Or you only asked for it when you go to the DGM?
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    Validity of Buena Conducta

    Unfortunately in the list of the required documents it doesn't. Certificación de No Antecedentes Penales, emitido por la Procuraduría General de la República. This is all.
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    Validity of Buena Conducta

    For how long Buena Conducta is valid for the temporary cedula renewal? The paper doesn't say anything.
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    Do-it-Yourself Temporary Residency Renewal Procedure

    Does "presencial" means that I can pay in cash at migracion? Cause that is what I wish to do.
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    Do-it-Yourself Temporary Residency Renewal Procedure

    I failed to find it with the search option but after uploading all your documents for the temporary residence renewal did anyone get the button which said "SELECCIONAR METODO DE PAGO" what is to chose here? Please help if anyone knows what it means (not translation).
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    This to combat the 'excesses' of nightlife. - Bourbon Street now a Department Store

    No, I haven't been there but Sosua and SD are a bit different. They may have demand for 15 restaurants.
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    This to combat the 'excesses' of nightlife. - Bourbon Street now a Department Store

    This store has absolutely identical products like the one 200-300 m from it (close to Coral photo), the only difference is that the new one is bigger. Is there such a high demand for these products to have two stores practically on the same street?
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    invertor p/plant advice needed

    My relative owns a small 2 bedroom house and for the last 6 years she had to buy a full set of batteries and inversor two times. First time all six batteries died when she wasn't in the house for 6 months and the second time when she bought a new set the batteries were boiling and now are not...
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    Sosua Landfill Issues

    I suppose that we are in 2020 and the problem is still here... Does anyone felt the strong smell of burning plastic yesterday at night? (PerlaMarina area), could be the smoke from that Sosua landfill or it is located too far? Anyway it was something big cause the smell lasted for the whole...
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    Centro Medico Cabarete & Sunbelt Medical International

    We've got the letter to our home address abroad from Sunbelt. Asking to pay for the treatment received at CMC 11 months ago. We've forwarded the copy of letter to the CMC office and got a reply on the same day that the treatment was paid by the int. insurance company so we may disregard the...
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    Sosua Police/Noise Hotline

    I used to live here close to a Canadian couple and they had several dogs. I've noticed that both dogs didn't bark, they just made a weird wheezing sound. I've asked the lady why was that and she told they had to cut (?) the vocal cords (devocalization google told me) because neighbors in...
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    Are lockers available on Sosua beach?

    I didn't find any topic on that. I didn't have any issues previously but if I go alone to the Playa Sosua and want to swim and do snorkling, where do I leave my belongings to avoid them staying unattended on the sunbed? Are there any lockers available?
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    2020 Hurricane Season

    I wanted to thank MikeFischer also, even me - the complete hurricane dummy understands the charts and
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    LOL 2nd grader here. Booking my flight.
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    I apologize for the offtop. Will get back to that when coronavirus vaccine is proven to have a side affect on the ability to conceive. As soon as the evidence appear in the Nature or other reliable medical-science journal, I'll be the first here to say that I was wrong.