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    Renew 5 year expired residency

    I have been out of the DR for over 5 years. My permanent resident card expired just about the time I decided to leave. Any chances it could be renewed or the 6 month rule will work against me? Thanks
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    Moving Out of D.R

    Am i the only one seriously thinking of moving out of the island given the latest crime wave? A foreigner easily gets killed, chopped, trashed in a barrel to decompose for a month -- and like that's not enough graphic pics are quickly taken and played on local media. WARNING! Too many tourists...
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    Thumbs up Teatro Nacional SD

    It must have been one of my best concert experiences with the world's best Violinist, Joshua Bell taking on stage. I specially enjoyed his final performance, A-Tisket A-Tasket which carried along a very simple YET technically advanced melody line :)
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    Unmanned Drones and War against Drugs!!

    Do we have unmanned drones hovering over dominican airspace ????? There were talks last year of deploying the air "machines" to help fight drugs in the region Sweating Obama Admits Drone Strikes Have Been Happening On Their Own | The Onion - America's Finest News Source Obama ?I?ll admit that...
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    China (en RD)

    Yesterday i had to go back to La Nacional complaining about getting charged for a missing item I bought some naranjas but the receipt had "china barcelo"?? Now i know better China=Naranja
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    For the flower lovers!

    Well, since im not getting anywhere with the dominican chicas i decided on starting a fresh relationship with flowers. I don't know much about flowers and their complex biological names; im purposed on learning alot and being faithful to the relationship. To kick off just minutes ago i stopped...
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    What to do When You're attacked!

    About 1pm a young lady 28y/o was attacked and lost her eye near the Abraham Lincon Avenue Atracadores disparan en rostro de una joven para quitarle jeepeta, pierde ojo y peligra su visi?n completa | Noticias SIN - Servicios Informativos Nacionales This brought me to the question - how do you...
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    Happy 27th de Febrero

    Happy independence day to all local/ diaspora dominicans and foreign residents in the dr. It's such a warm bright beautiful morning.
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    Piano Recital

    Thought of sharing my experience with all SD Classical Music lovers -- Early this year i decided to get on my piano playing skills and joined the la Academia Dominicana de Musica (approx 2blocks from the intersection of Av. W Churchill & the 27th). The classes have been great, the music...
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    Touching story

    I ran into this beautiful story on the struggles Westley has had to put up with just to PROVIDE for his family. I'm grateful for the profound gesture of generosity the brazilian government took of legalizing the 4000 haitians. And not to forget the Dominican governments contribution to...
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    This guy makes history by proposing to his three month girlfriend and gets turned down amidst millions of fans. Fotos: El Pariguayo del d?a, pidi? compromiso en el play y le dijeron que no..
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    Driving out of SD to nagua town over new year's

    I don't know much about nagua (apart from the recent case of 95boat people taking off to puerto rico) so we have decided to give it a trial. Are there interesting activities/ hangout places around the area for young folks mid-twenties? We signed up for danilo's campaign motorcade running up...
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    Christmas carols, December 2011

    I'm looking out for a christmas carols concert (more traditional/classical type) anywhere in the north coast or SD. I just ordered some christmas piano sheet music (Dan Coates) and i'm more than willing to share the materials. I'd appreciate any useful info. Thanks!
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    Very funny - Plane stolen in RD
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    This is a perfectly logical story to all females

    A Fairy Tale: One day, long, long ago there was a woman who did not whine, nag or complain .....but this was a long time ago ........and it was just one day...... :devious: The End