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    RANT - AA 7/30 JFK Baggage Breakdown Fiasco

    American Airline failed (me, at least) horrendously this week in their handling of the bagging system breakdown at JFK last Wednesday. Four solid days of no information, misinformation, conflicting information and useless (although exceedingly polite) AA call center reps. I took Fl 619 last...
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    Clavamox Vet Medicine?

    A search of old threads on the subject of medicine availibility indicate that you can get antibiotics in the DR without an Rx. If true, would I be able to buy Clavamox (Veterinary Oral Suspension Drops) there WITHOUT a veterinary Rx as well? If so, in what type of place would I find it (i.e...
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    Protocal for serving US divorce papers in the DR?

    Hello, What is the protocol for serving US divorce papers in the DR? Is there such this as a "process server" in the DR? Who/what type of official would typically do this, police, court official? My Attorney's office here has no concept of how things work in the DR or how different...
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    phrase equivalent to freeloader/freeloading

    Can someone offer a dominicanism for the above, as in getting something for little or nothing? I've looked on the web and come up with "por la patilla", "por el morro", and "de caraduras" but don't know if these are used in the DR or are just prevalent in other Spanish speaking countries... ...
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    JetBlue JFK-SDQ May 24th on time?

    Anybody care to weigh in on the likelihood that the initial Jet Blue JFK-SDQ flight(s) beginning this Thursday will be a little delayed simply based on it being a new route? I'm heading down from JFK this Friday morning so at least it's not the initial flight. It's is supposed to get in at...
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    Barahona-Advice on Oven/Stove Purchase

    I would like to buy a stove/oven for my mother-in-law in Barahona when we are there over Memorial Day Weekend. Can anyone recommend a reputable place to buy from and let me know how much a decent one might run me? Also, if anyone has any type/brand recommendation, warnings, specification or...
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    Hertz 24hr @ Las Americas?

    I just booked an NYC-SDQ trip with Jet Blues's intro fares for Memorial day weekend. My flight down gets in at 3:40am... I see in Expedia, that Budget appears to operate 24 hours in SD on a shuttle from the airport to another rental location basis. I beleive it's been awhile since any airline...
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    How do you translate "clutter"?. Also is there a catch phrase roughly equivalent to figuratively "cleaning out the closet", in the sense of simplifying your life?
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    to hold accountable?

    Hi, 1) What is the best way to express the concept of accountability of behavior... such as "everyone should be held accountable for what they do"? 2) In the same vein what is a good equivalent phrase for "standard of behavior"? 3) Lastly, how do you say the Golden Rule in Spanish? Thank you...
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    Is chopo/chopa a term used by Dominicans amongst themselves, or is it a DR1 thing? If so, does a chopo know he's a chopo? :ermm: :ermm: :ermm: Or do chopos assume only people more chopo them them are real chopos? I'm wondering how it compares to the term redneck, which you could call somebody...
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    Barahona- Car Rental?

    Anybody know if is there is a reputable car rental agancy in Barahona? Specifically I woudl be looking for a minivan, large SUV or even a larger 11 or 15 passenger van. For 2 weeks in early August 2007. Any names or tel #'s would be appreciated! Thank you.
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    translation for "spare me"?

    Is there a good translation that is commonly used to connote "spare me the details"... (implying "you can stop now- I've heard enough already")... libre me? basta? Thanks, Jean Marie
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    Auto Insurance

    My husband recently purchased a car (small Honda sedan- not sure of exact model) in Santo Domingo and as of yet it is not covered by insurance. My husband will be going to the DR next week to trasnfer the car to his name and get it insured. Can ayone offer any tidbits of info regarding auto...
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    does this word/name mean anything?

    guandulo ??
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    Guagua regulation

    For an individual contemplating buying a guagua/minibus as a personal business venture- say 2 to 4 runs a day from a small town into a larger city... how tightly is this regulated? Who/what is the governing body for licensing this type of business? I have heard that you have to pay for "a...