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    Is AT&T Viva?

    I know that T-Mobile can become Orange and Verizon is a no-brainer, but what about AT&T? I have a new phone from AT&T and wonder what carrier I'll need to go with. Thanks!
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    El Millon--Where the Heck is it?

    We've been looking at apartments all over the place and one we saw online (that appears to be what we're looking for) is in El Millon. Where is it?? We tried finding it the other night and got a little lost. Can somebody please give me specific directions to find it? Also, I'd really like to...
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    Bavaro with the Dog

    Hi all, I need some help!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!! My fiance and I are getting married at a resort in Cabeza De Toro in the fall and we need to go there to meet with wedding coordinators and all that fun stuff. We need to go on the weekend--Saturday to Sunday. The problem is that we don't want to...
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    Turtles born in Guibia

    Did anyone see anything about this in the newspaper? I am trying to find any pictures that were taken of this. Anyone see a picture or know where I might be able to find one? I want to show it to my students---we just learned about the type of turtles that were born here! They will be so...
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    Vestido de Boda

    Hey there----Anyone know of a few good shops for wedding gowns and accessories? I'm looking for a place with a good selection (designer and non-designer) and great customer service (English a plus, but not necessary). Thanks!
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    Providence, Rhode Island Dominicans

    Can someone please recommend a good salon for me? I live in Santo Domingo and I am visiting RI for the week and I am desperate for a blow-out!!!!!!!! Also, a good place to get some mofongo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks.
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    Ear, Nose, Throat Doctor in SD

    I have been so sick with and of this sinus infection I've had for over a week now. I really need to see a doctor that speaks English. Can anyone recommend one? Thanks so much!
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    What does basiladera...............

    y la gosadera mean? Never heard these words. Someone told me it is a word for a party animal, but not so sure. THANKS!
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    Pet Store

    Hi! I am looking for a full service pet store in Santo Domingo with not only pet supplies, but a variety of different pets including fish, turtles, etc. My students want a class pet and I am thinking about getting a hermit crab or turtle. Thanks so much! Jenny
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    Passport stolen-Help!

    I need advice. I've already called all the banks and feel that my money is protected. But all my identity documents were in there. My passport, license in the states, credit cards....all are gone. Un lio. I am really scared about my passport being stolen. The embassy is not very helpful. They...
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    Best Dry Cleaner

    I live in Gazcue and I went to the closest dry cleaner.......Royal it's called...or something with Royal in it. I was not impressed. Anyone know of a better place with decent prices? I will travel to long as it is still in Santo Domingo! Thanks!
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    Help with Cultural Question

    My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a half. He is Dominican. I am from the US. We've been living together for about 4 months now. We were doing great for a while, but recently have been having what I think our some cultural differences. I need someone's help in understanding...