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    Master Plan for Pedernales

    Full disclosure... I'm not Dominican, I'm an American living in the USA (married to a Dominican) so it's not my land or my future but to me, this project seems like the beginning of the end of one of the last, most beautiful, pristine areas of the DR. I went to Bahia de Las Aguilas for the...
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    What are the reasons for the recent changes in the exchange rate?

    Playacaribe2, A nicely laid out and explained analysis. Well done!
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    E-Ticket (Can't enter the DR without this)

    Hi cavok, You actually identified the issue in your first sentence, "Except for the current software glitches". There are several threads on this. I just got back a few weeks ago and can attest first hand - the forms works for some people , not for others and when using very common platforms...
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    Vacation in SD

    RE:I am planning a 2 week vacation in SD in mid June and want to double check the current status related with COVID. 1) Do I have to take PCP test before I go to DR to show proof I am negative or no longer need? >>Nothing needed to get INTO the DR. 2) Which I should rent a car, from airport...
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    New entry procedures

    Just returned from SDQ yesterday (Friday, April 30th - the day before the eform goes mandatory). It was horrific. They've taped photocopied signs all over the place on how to fill out the new online entry/exit forms and get the QR code. Saw lots of people try to do it, all sorts of browser...
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    New entry procedures

    Flying to the DR this week and got a chance to try the "new entry form". It's incredible... After 6+ months they still can't create a simple webform that works. Constant serious issues in both the form and web back-end behind it; 1. Looks like it was developed for Web 1.0 back in the early...
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    Note, if you need to get to Europe/Middle East, United in NY is still operating limited service to three international destinations; UK (Heathrow), Frankfurt and Tel Aviv.
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    STI Airport - Watch your baggage

    I know we've all heard it before, but keep an eye on your bags at all times in the airport. Flew down from Newark (EWR) to Santiago (STI) last week. We were a family of 7 so had a lot of bags. After clearing immigration at STI and claiming our bags, there's a baggage scanner when exiting the...