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    Dust/ Soot accumulating on Concrete ceiling and walls

    I was hoping maybe someone has experienced this or knows what the cause could be? I have been here in the same house for 13 years . We paint regularly but lately we have been seeing what we first thought was the paint fading away through out the house and that we needed to paint again but I...
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    Strong jerky Shake here in GH

    We just got a Strong Jerky Shake (Earthquake) here in Gaspar Hernandez Lasted only a second or 2
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    Halloween party in Las Canas Sosua this year ?

    Does anyone know if they are having the party this year for the kids? I havent been around Sosiua much and cannot find anything about it on line We went the last 2 years at Las Canas in Sosua. Its a Nice time for the kids. I have 2 Little ones and they are all set to go ! Have the Defraz's...
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    Looking for Salaried Salesperson

    We are looking for a salaried sales person in the Cabarete area. Well, the work is in Cabarete, company office in Sosua. Must speak good English and Spanish. PM if interested
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    Cabarete Medical center

    I just wanted to hear some comments from other users on the Cabarete Medical Center. (fairly new on the highway entering Sosua) We have just had a new daughter delivered there last week and the service was both Impeccable, professional and friendly (personable) . The reason that I am asking was...
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    Bringing in a Dozen Canadian Lobster

    Anyone know if there are any import rules about bringing in a Dozen Canadian Live Lobster ? A friend would pick them up at Halifax Airport , they would be packaged for Carry On. Any prohibitions or should they be cooked? (I prefer to cook them myself)
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    UTESA in Gaspar Hernandez

    We had a Plaza here with a scaled down copy of Playero Supermarket in Sosua. The plaza was built about 10 years ago but never used until about 2 years ago. Last week the Grocery Hipermart) store was closed and I spoke to the family of the owners of the Plaza that UTESA has purchased the...
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    When is a Home Purchase considered a Home Purchase?

    I have a friend who had a "whirlwind" romance/marriage. And now is in a "pickle" . By Dominican Law What is considered the day of Purchasing a home? the day of Deposit? The day of Payment or the Day of Clear title received? I don't need to explain Why the question . :-) Thanks
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    Solar hot Water protech

    I am considering a Solar Hot water System. I have only investigated 2. Mega Sun has the standard system and 60 liters of Hot water at a cost of $2200 . I saw also at Protech on the Highway near Sosua a unit made of Fiberglass with a 200 liters Hot water tank for a little less than 2000$ and...
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    Sick little Boy needs help

    Hello, We have a neighbor who has a 5 year old son. He has an undersized artery and it is heartbreaking to watch him sit on the side of the road or cling to his mother all day every day. He needs an operation and he will be a normal little boy. He was born this way and they have been waiting...
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    Idiot with SUPER Loud Music HELP

    I have been living in the nice quiet area for about 2.5 years now. All of a sudden last week this Idiot starts playing music loud. I Mean LOUD. I have lived in the DR for 3 years and I have heard loud music before but this is wickedly loud. The first night it lasted for about 1 hour and we...
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    Bachata merengue overload? For you old Farts

    Was so excited to be able to hear Frank Reyes and the boys when i first came here , Now I won't even channel surf in those areas . Unless I am specifically in the mood. It really wears on you after awhile . My mother sent be a great link to a "Online Jukebox" with everything organized by year...
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    Tired of Washing Dishes New Dishwasher wanted

    I have been looking around the North Coast and Santiago and SF for a PORTABLE dishwasher. You know? With the Wood top on it and wheels that you wheel over to the sink. You would think they would be plentiful here considering how many homes have concrete kitchens etc. Not the 18" But rather the...
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    A Little Shake in GH

    Just had a Little shake out here in Gaspar Hernandez! Anyone feel it ? Wasn't to bad, Only lasted about 5 or 6 seconds. Computer Monitors were jiggling ............
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    Online University Courses in Spanish

    Does any one know if there are any decent online university courses that a Dominican can take? I do not mean to Study Spanish . I mean university courses leading to degrees or diplomas but in the Spanish language? Course like: Veterinary Assistant Something in the medical areas Business...