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    A quick October trip to Santo Domingo

    I was down there for the graduation of a friend who I consider to be my little sister, she graduated from INTEC as an MD, soon to be pediatrician. Overall, a good trip, didn't go out as much as I wanted to, but still enjoyed myself. I got there on the 7th and returned to Miami on the 12th of...
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    Spouse has travel visa to US, what forms need to be filled out for

    Hey guys, I never thought I would have to open a thread in this specific forum because I never thought it would apply to me, but it's easy to talk to those of yall folks who have been there and done that as far as the visa process. My question and dilemma is this: I am engaged and my girlfriend...
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    I'm going to Santiago

    Well, it's been 10 years since I've been there for more than 30 minutes but I'm going to Santiago on Saturday and need to find some places to get food and drinks, something centrally located. I'll probably be there early in the day and then take off that same afternoon or the next morning. Let...
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    My DR '07 Trip

    It's been a while since I've posted anything on DR1 but I always check the forums and the news thru here......anyhow, I'll be posting pics soon but wanted to leave the thread open so I remember it are forthcoming. 5 days of fun so far..... P.S: Hope all have enjoyed the new...
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    Arroba de Oro 2006

    Not sure if Rob has entered the page in this contest, but it's a big contest and each country has their own entries into it. There are different categories such as entertainment, banking, services, tourism and travel, personal pages, religion, sports, associations, etc..... below is the link for...
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    What if your favorite artists were Dominican?

    Imagine for a second if your favorite artists were Dominican, what would their names be?? Check this out, it's in Spanish :p Angelina Jolie - Angela La Linda George Clooney - Jorge El Clon Vin Diesel - Vicente Gasoil Tom Cruise - Tomas Jose De la Cruz Gianni Versace - Gustavo Lava Con Ace...
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    Curse words

    Just kidding!! Had to get your attention somehow but they are actually acronyms that are spelled as curse words in spanish........something a bit different :p the spaces are intentional FUICHE: FEDERACI?N U NIDA I NDEPENDIENTE DE CH?FERES DEL ESTE. CUERO : CENTRAL UNITARIA DE ESTUDIANTES DE...
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    Jon S. and his latest trip report

    I won't go on and on about my trip but will give highlights along with pics.... Got there on the 24th, my cousin picked me and my friend Sean up at Las Americas. What a madhouse but it's the proper introduction to the country for any newbies, but it is something I am already used to...
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    Back from DR

    Oh well, it had to end some day.......just to give an idea of how fun Santo Domingo is to some people such as me, here is a pic of me and a close friend at the Shell gas station in front of Multicentro Churchill....... Here is another one in Retro Cafe on Lincoln Ave What do u think??? ;)
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    Hey yall

    How's everyone? Hopefully all is well with you guys here. I'm in DR right now with my family, taking my first vacation since coming back from Iraq. As you can imagine, it's been insane down here but I'm used to it from the days when I used to live here. I'd like to see if I can meet some of yall...
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    I can't control my addiction.... DR1!! When I was in Iraq, it was what kept me going thru the night when we were still working after midnight AND that was the time that I actually saw the daily news updates. Here I can't seem to get enough of it either, the forums are great and the info is great for those that don't know...
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    Just like roaches and crocodiles, some things never die out

    Hipo the Terminator of the DR Economy
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    Santo Domingo is on fire!!!

    Literally, I got here last Saturday and finally released my grip from a beer bottle yesterday. The Zona has all the clubs, like it always did when I used to live here. The Lincoln continues to be a center for debauchery and a place to show off and the rest of the city is starting to look like...
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    Best neighborhood in Santo Domingo

    Name: Piantini. Location: Centrally located is Santo Domingo. Reason why?: Nice and quiet if you're away from the main streets. Trees everywhere, which I like. Cacicazgos is a very close second, if it weren't for the price I'd buy a place there. I'll try to work that out in the next two years...
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    Dominicans in Hampton Roads area?

    Any Dominicans in the area other than the Navy people? It feels lonely even though there's everything else over here. Let me know...... ;) I'm just kidding about the sad face above.....