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    Celia Cruz Memorabilia at the Eduardo Brito National Theater

    When I was teaching there I would play a music video for the kids at the end of class as a "reward", and also out of my own curiosity to learn who and what they knew from the outside world. For example, they somehow knew Frank Sinatra, but not Carlos Santana. To my surprise they had never heard...
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    Landslide closes the passage via Barahona-Pedernales

    I passed through there last week and remarked to my amiga that I'd hate to be in one of those low-lying houses when it rains.
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    US Exchange Rate

    56.75 Marcos cambio Santiago
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    The charm of ole school restaurants.

    This one on El Conde... It's interesting to watch the usual characters and "beggars' set up shop in the morning.
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    Hi from Santiago de los Caballeros

    No need to be modest, your English is excellent!
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    Hi from Santiago de los Caballeros

    Were you educated in Santiago? Your English is outstanding.
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    American and child kidnapped in Haiti

    That might depend on whether or not ransom was paid. No matter what, she is indeed a courageous woman.
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    Boiling in Your Own Sweat

    People die in fires, why can't they boil in their own sweat? Makes perfect sense.
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    German Word ?

    Am I the only one having flashbacks to 5th grade? And catholic school, no less.
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    A Motorcycle Ride Report: The Border with Haiti

    First time seeing this thread. Great pictures and incredible story!
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    I normally agree with most of your posts, but we part ways on this one. I don't see a gender bender, I see a grossly overweight kid - who's probably been picked on his whole life - just harmlessly trying to enjoy himself. No child should have to cry himself to sleep at night.
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    That's wrong, so wrong.
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    Planning a future for missionary work in Haiti.

    Soldiers go to war knowing that they may die for their country. Regrettably, they often do. Christian Missionaries should know that going to a troubled region may lead to their own martyrdom. Following Christ, as these missionaries have, may lead to the same cross. In my opinion, they should be...
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    US Embassy asks people to tone down proofs of relationships

    How about a woman standing erect, with her hands on her hips and her mouth open, and the man slumped over hanging his head?