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    Worrying Security Failure in Punta Cana Airport

    I've always wondered why people wrapped their bags in plastic at the airport. Is this the reason?
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    Dominican Republic asks UN to put a stop to the worsening of complete chaos in Haiti

    I agree, but the UN really isn't a combat army, and I don't think too many of the big players have a taste for war right now. No one will call it war, of course, but death and destruction by any other name...
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    Mass Shooting in La Romana

    Is there such a thing as "guilty by reason of mental defect" in the D.R. legal system? I'm guessing that killing a cop eliminates any feelings of sympathy in the judicial system.
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    Sosúa Beach Renovations

    Hey, I resemble that remark! :ROFLMAO:
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    Sosúa Beach Renovations

    Come now, everyone knows they saved Sosua :ROFLMAO:
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    The D.R. and 9-11

    The article is 4 years old, but still relevant.... This isn't an invitation to discuss U.S or international politics or religion. Just an article I found interesting.
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    Children's Library

    The adorable "thank you" letter I recently received is yet another good reason to donate. Very well done! I'm not going to post it here, so if anyone wants to see it, you know what to do.
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    Baseball Schedule

    Thank you!
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    Baseball Schedule

    Do you (or anyone) know where I can find a schedule online? The best I could find was one from 2013. I suspect those games have ended by now.
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    Illegal Migration to Puerto Rico

    Step 1: Get an arrest warrant Step 2: Board plane "In the first three months of Fiscal Year 2022, TSA allowed nearly 45,000 migrants to use immigration enforcement...
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    10 Things to Do in 24hrs?

    I thought that place sounded familiar...
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    Fertility clinic announces success of innovative technique

    Given the amount of effort and money involved, at least this baby is wanted and will be properly cared for.
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    Educators, Mothers and Dads: Tell me what is taught in public schools

    Don't sell yourself short; you are teaching, he is learning. I can't think of a better definition of success. Formal or not, you are now experienced.
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    I'm Back

    Present! I was trying to establish which resort she worked in, but then I got 2 weeks in the Public Humiliation Bin for reasons unbeknownst to me. After 2 weeks in the hole, the thread evaporated faster than a chapi's eternal love.
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    I'm Back

    Forget the novela, tell me where she works and I'll deliver a pelicula.