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    Has anyone used from the U.S.A.? Just wondering how reliable that site might be. Thanks
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    Question about inheritance.

    I hope Mr. Guzman will be able to answer a question in regards to inheritance. If my wife's mother and father die (God forbid....I love them). My wife will be entitled to a certain percentage of their property. Am I entitled to any of that inherited property while married or if we get divorced?
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    Water in Boca Chica

    I just got back from another trip to the DR. We have a house in Boca Chica. The water looked beautiful. But the last couple of years my children have complained about the water making them itch. I have to agree with them...although I would say it stung more than itched. I also saw people coming...
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    Impact Haiti earthquake will have on DR

    The illegal Haitian population is already pretty bad in the DR. How bad do you think that it will get in the upcoming weeks in the DR? I feel for the devastation that the Haitians are going through.....but I have a feeling that the DR is going to be in for a rude awakening after the dead are...
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    Dominican Gang Take Down in NYC

    This morning in NYC the notorious Dominican Gang Trinitarios was dealt a severe blow. At least 40 gang members were rounded up by the Feds and NYPD. They will be charged with drug trafficing, weapons possession, and assaults. They will do time and most will probably be deported. I doubt that...
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    Deported Dominican Shoots 2 NYC Cops

    Last night in Queens New York two NYC policemen were shot by an illegal Dominican immigrant. He was deported in 2001. The savage was deported for drug charges. The deportee was fare beating on the transit system and was stopped by the police. A struggle ensued and the savage took one of the...
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    Downfall of Boca Chica

    I just got back from a two week trip to the DR. I went back with my wife and two girls ages 11 and 8. My wifes mother and father gave us a house in Boca Chica about 6 or 7 years ago. We put some money into it and cleaned it up. We built a small home on the property and have a guy and his family...
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    Home Health Care in the DR

    I was wondering what people do in regards to home health care in the DR. I would assume that in most cases family takes care of the elderly. The situation that I'm dealing with is that my father in law is getting up there in age and is beginning to forget alot and repeats himself all day long...
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    Oil Spill

    Anyone with firsthand knowledge about the oil spill in Boca Chica? Is it contained? What kind of damage? Any pictures? Thanks
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    Brother in-law got sworn in

    My brother in-law got sworn in as an American citizen yesterday. He was wondering if would be easier to bring his parents over or his brother with his wife and three kids. I have to believe it would be much easier to bring his parents. Also how long do you think it would take for both scenerios...
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    A-Rod "Show me the money."

    This guy thinks he is bigger than baseball itself. What an arrogant SOB. He announces at the world series that he is opting out of his contract. What a selfish moron. He may be a great ball player but this guy just doesn't get it. He can make up whatever excuse he likes but it's all about the money
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    311.00 fare from jfk to sdq

    Just got an e-mail from expedia fares from jfk to sdq 311.00 including taxes. Thats a great deal.
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    Albert Pujols

    Looks like something is up. He doesn't play in the all star game and he ****ed. Can't say that I blame him. How does a guy as talented as him not at least pinch hit in the ninth with bases loaded.
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    Sammy Sosa 600th Home Run

    He still will not make the Hall of Fame. There is no reason to follow this guys career anymore. Stick a fork in him. He will be traded by the trading deadline. Double or nothing on the Presidente Chip?
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    Stolen Flip Flops

    I just got back from the DR on Sunday. I had a good time hanging out with my kids. My inlaws gave us a home in Boca Chica a few years ago. The home is about 10 minutes from the beach. I walked to the beach with my daughters and when it was time to leave discovered that my flip flops were stolen...