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    "Dominicans will vote again for Leonel"

    Luis Tavarez on why Dominicans will vote for Leonel Fern?ndez: Por qu? los dominicanos votar?n por Leonel - 01/27/2008 - El Nuevo Herald
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    DR pursues modernity. COHA report

    The Dominican Republic Pursues Modernity and Rectitude - Council on Hemispheric Affairs
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    La Vega

    The other day I saw some pictures of La Vega and the city looked clean, with some nice neighborhoods and quite prosperous. Besides its carnival, those of you who have visited it or lived there, what's your opinion of this Dominican city?
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    Brad Pitt scouts DR for real estate development
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    Casandra Award to Cuban actor Cesar Evora
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    NYT article on Haitians in the DR What do you think? What will DR do? Does this article reflect mounting pressure on Dominican govt. to accept Haitians in the country? What will the solution be, if there is one in sight?
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    Arrested in Sosua American wanted by USA Does anyone know him?
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    For those who live in Sto. Domingo or Santiago

    How has the increase in crime affected your daily routine? Do you still take daily walks during daytime? I read there was report on CDN based on the opinions of those who live in some middle and upper middle class neighborhoods in the Capital. Most stated they had reduced their walks to the...
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    Body of resident French bussinesman found

    El Nacional reports that this Frenchman was a resident of Boca Chica and his throat was cut. A large amount of money-euros- was also taken. He was only 27. Another Frenchman, a friend of his who lives on the same Boca Chica street, identified the body. Delincuentes, hasta el momento...
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    Does anyone know..

    the usual taxi fare from Las Americas Airport to the city of Santo Domingo?
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    Antiguo Hotel Europa, Zona Colonial

    Is anyone familiar with this hotel that was recently inaugurated? Judging by the pictures I've seen, it looks very nice. It was remodeled and its opening made the social pages of Listin Diario. At the same time, at least for now, the prices are lower than Hotel Palacio's. Just asking to see if...
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    Bella Vista

    How far is Bella Vista from Gazcue, Zona Universitaria and Zona Colonial? I've read it is a very nice area. If I were to visit Santo Domingo, would it be a convenient place to stay and use it as a base to see the city? How about the Hotel Bella Vista? It's one of the budget hotels which has been...
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    For those who live in Sto. Domingo: Is it true?

    Today I read an article by Delia Blanco, the lady who has a column in the social pages of Listin Diario, in which she laments the rise in crime in Gazcue, including armed robbery on the streets during daylight. To that, she adds the prolifaration of colmadotes and loud music. Is it true that...
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    Is it true...?

    That if you have been diagnosed as having diabetes, there is no way you can get health insurance in the DR?
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    Casas de huespedes, pensiones?

    I have observed that almost always when discussing lodgin in the DR, hotels and apart hotels are always mentioned, but I have never seen any indication as to the existence of casas de huespedes or pensiones there. Are there any in Sto. Domingo or Santiago? Where do Dominican students from the...