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    looking for floorers

    Anyone have recommendations for redoing a floor. Ive got about 140 meters squared floor that i want to take out the tiles and put in new ones. Basically looking for floorers who do good work , good price and actually show up to work. I know i might have to settle for 2 out of the 3. Also...
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    Birmingham Alabama Shipper

    Sorry, I read "Birmingham Alabama Stripper".. i need new glasses.
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    Starbucks in the DR

    Is it like starbucks back in the usA? I mean that dark sugary water they serve is a poor excuse for coffee. Its like they take used coffee grounds, run hot water over it and voila: starbucks coffee.
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    SIM card questions

    I pay 906pesos a month for viva mifi 3MB/s internet. And then I put in an altice recarga card for any local calls that i need to make (which in my case is not too many). If you have the viva internet you can just call everyone over whatsapp that they use everywhere in the dr. That will make...
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    Private Schools

    If you are an extranjero I would suggest to enrol in any school that is accredited by the CIS or NEASC or SAC. Most accredited schools in the DR are part of CIS or NEASC or both, Those schools that are not accreditated by an international organization...well you are playing at the casino to...
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    China to the rescue; 768,000 doses of vaccine arrive

    Well, after the PLD got money for kicking Taiwan out and getting in bed with China things didnt look good for China when Abinader took over... seating the Chinese ambassador near the back door. But it guess he had to choose between his next door neighbor USA and a one night stand. Anyway...
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    Restaurant Prices Shooting Up

    Many tourists coming down may not notice those prices to be so expensive.. with the exchange on the us$ or euro, those prices will not matter when they are sipping their cuba libre at the beach...
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    Most parents want their children back in school

    Parents use schools as their babysitter. They can't deal with their kids at home. I dont blame them, trying to work and take care of those rugrats will drive anyone crazy. The school is a solution to solve their problems. It's not about education, its about peace at home, Instead of...
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    Obtaining a Mortgage as a Nonresident DR Citizen

    You have to go to each bank and check their requirements.. People here are talking 7% or 8% fixed but you really have to check it out... the best I have seen was banreservas 8% fixed for 3 years athen skyrocket interest after that..and that 8% was during a "feria". Some banks have 7.5% but...
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    Condominium Rules Document

    Looking to purchase an apartment which is actually the first floor of a house. The second floor is another apartment with its own title. The title of the one im looking at says the building is a Condominium. Its an older house...The realtor says there is no Reglamento de Condominio... or some...
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    Is there a dr.1 forum with listings? Anyway.. looking for an apartment..NOT NEW (they usually way to expensive and very small).. I prefer anything second hand/traditional as they say here.. basically older building..they usually have a few more meters squared and are less expensive. looking...
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    Obtaining a Mortgage as a Nonresident DR Citizen

    Those low rates are for a few months or maximum a year if they exist....after a year they will hit the roof. 3 year 5 year etc rates are all start at 12-13% you can have them fixed or get a point lower but variable. This was from banreservas and banco popular over the weekend they dont have...
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    Anyone have issues with CPS? I am dealing with CPS Zona Universitaria and their rates are outrageous! CPS says it's around 240pesos per pound, thats it (for items that are less than $US200). However, in the Zona Universitaria they CHARGED 1000PESOS on top! They dont even print out a receipt...
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    Best way to receive my mail

    I would avoid CPS unless you are dealing with the main branch.
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    Buying an older apartment via Remax and Banco Popular loan. Would like some tips, here's what happened so far: Apartment building 20 apartments near Jardin Botanico. Nice little apartment. The owner has people renting it. Saw the apartment and met the renters (cubans) who seem decent and...