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    A dominican getting a dominican passport

    I can't find any up to date info on this. Can a lifelong dominican resident go and apply for a passport and get it? They have the money, no run ins with the law or any other legal issues.the purpose would be to travel for a couple weeks at a time and come back. They live around Samana. Is...
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    Hot water

    Does someone know what it costs to add hot water to an existing shower with cold water only? I know they have heaters that attach above the shower nozzle. how expensive and what is involved? I would guess some simple wiring and the plumbing connection,
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    planning trip from santo domingo to puerto plata.

    I am coming back to the DR next week with a one way ticket and alot of time. I have been there a few times but want to see parts that I have not yet visited.I am landing in SDQ and staying a few days in the colonial zone. I plan on seeing Los Tres Ojos ,botanical Gardens,El Faro Colon, Plaza...
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    HI-coming soon

    Hi.My name is Jeffand i am from Upstate NY.I will be visiting the DR for 6 weeks in early January.I have questions concerning driving from Santo Domingo to samana and then to puerto plata.I have driven several times there before but never the east coast to Samana. If anyone knows those routes...