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    Avenida 27 de Febrero

    I remember it well
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    Sosua 1st visit, disappointment comes short...

    We are not going there. Thread closed.
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    Warning to DR1ers: Defamation of the DR is not allowed

    Maybe someone who is familiar with laws regarding defamation can respond. I tend to think there is more to the story.
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    Dominican Citizenship

    IMO I would go with a lawyer. Less headaches.
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    New Member Introduction

    It is a decent area. Problem is traffic especially with Winston Churchill. In the past I have shopped at the Bravo supermarket there.
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    Getting a mortgage in DR

    So, they are able to reduce the original loan amount approval? Just curious as we are selling our place in Santo Domingo (again, we took it off the market during Covid). We have had 2 serious offers, but loan approval is needed. We are not in a rush but do not want to lose offers while...
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    Sin Bin

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    For beach lovers, it may be time to seek out a new island!

    Keep the posts related to the topic.
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    Current electricity cost in Bavaro, Punta Cana

    Does anyone have a condo in Punta Cana with central A/C? And if so, what are the average costs keeping the temp at 78-79?
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    Sin Bin

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    Are Domincan Men A Jealous Breed

    This thread has run its course. Again, OP has been given plenty of advice and insight. Thread closed.
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    On the subject of "The four day work week and work from Anywhere"

    Please remember to keep this about the Dominican Republic. Thank you:)
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    Are Domincan Men A Jealous Breed

    Ken, as you stated it is your life, etc... So clearly there is no reason for you to continue to open threads basically for the same topic.
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    Hotels & Resorts Limiting Reservations Made By Dominicans Due To Bad Behavior

    Everyone's price point is different for different reasons. I know many that go to Punta Cana and their main concern is being able to spend time at the beach/pool. The room, food, etc.. is a bonus so they are not fussy about it. On the other hand, I know many that go that want the opposite...
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    Are Domincan Men A Jealous Breed

    Ken, I would take JD's advice and let it go. You continue to start many threads and you have been given plenty of advice.