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    Shots fired in Cabarete.

    Four shots fired outside Bank Popular in Cabarete about 10 minutes ago. No sign of anyone hurt, police have been and gone already after talking to the guard. At times like this I wish I could speak Spanish. Suddenly realise how sheltered my life is, I thought the first shot was a back fire...
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    Caves at Cabarete

    How far from the Ocean Dream junction are the caves and what are they like when you get there? We're thinking of going and were talking to a local couple who've not been yet. The lady is reasonably mobile but has had a hip replacement, so is the access reasonable or (for example) is it...
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    Anyone know George Butler Motorcycle Racing?

    Last September I went to Autodromo Las Americas to take photos of the bike racing, having made contact with Vanessa Gareau, a Canadian racer who posted on here as racergurl55. I wrote George's e-mail address down but each time I e-mailed, it bounced, so I'm guessing I wrote something down...
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    Roses in Cabarete?

    I've been asked by someone where can they get roses in Cabarete? They are planning a special occasion. If there is a florist in Cabarete or surrounding area, would someone please post the address & phone number so I can pass it on? Thanks.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all you posters. A bright but cold morning this side of the Atlantic. Can't wait to be warm and in the sunshine again but until then, thinking of you all over there, have a good one.
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    Writing a will

    Apologies if this has been covered before but the word "will" is too short for the search engine. My wife & I have a property in the Dom Rep. I've been advised by my advocate here that it may be simpler to have a second will written in DR for the property there and a primary will here covering...
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    Model Agency & Surf Beach

    I received an e-mail from someone who had seen my DR photos on Flickr. He said I've never used an agency and although I know there is a surf beach about 2km outside the town, I wouldn't know how to find it. Anyone got any advice thet I can pass on to a fellow photographer (other than visit...
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    in a never ending quest for odd questions...

    Can anyone tell me what the situation is regarding pinball tables in the Dominican Republic? Are the covered by gambling legislation or anything? It probably won't happen, but I've got a couple of tables in my home, so if I ever was to escape to the DR I wondered if they could go over there and...
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    I saw that was available about a year ago and thought that's a good, first level domain name to still be available' so bought it quick. Only then did I start to think 'what am I going to do with it?!!!???:cheeky: I initially thought about doing a review of the restaurants &...
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    Monarch Airlines UK-DR

    Just don't! Once... never again. I'm not sure I've got the time to write up all about why they are so crap. If I'd known before hand, I could have used some of the four hour delay in Gatwick or the five hour delay in PoP to write it up? Actually, I couldn't. They insisted that my MacBook went...
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    as the expats get older or retiries head south

    Just out of curiosity, what plans do the existing ex-pats have for when they reach a point in time where they need more support due to their age? Are there any 'first world' quality nursing/residential homes available or will you be heading back to Europe, Canada or the US? Is there a sizeable...
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    UK terror alerts

    Does anyone know if the recent attacks on Glasgow Airport have led to increased security etc at PoP airport for UK flights? I don't want to spend any longer there than I need to when I fly out on Friday!
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    Kite Surf World Cup

    I managed to catch a few heats on Saturday. This guy appeared to be going well. I guess from his 'fan club' he's a local lad? If anyone knows if he did win it, I'd be grateful, I missed the last couple of heats. Loads more photos on my Flickr space. Flickr: Photos from iom_keith Rather...
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    Data Protection Act?

    Does the DR have an equivalent piece of legislation as the UK Data Protection Act and what is it called? If not, would bank managers be aware of the equivalent legislation in the US and what is it called? I'm halfway through an e-mail to person at a bank in DR following (yet another) cock up by...
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    Kite Board Championships?

    What are the dates for the kiteboard championships in Cabarete? I *think* they are at the end of June but I'm not 100% sure. Is it just for a weekend? And is it a 'World Championship' event? Is the town 'buzzing' and busy? My feverish brain is working over time... don't think I'll manage...