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    Rockies & Europa for Sale

    As a matter of interest, I noticed the "famous" Rockies Bar and the well established Europa Hotel are both up for sale. Good Sosua investments for someone I assume.
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    El Neptune ? 2 Bedroom condo

    Anybody stayed at El Neptune Sosua. I am looking for a 2 bedroom apartment within walking distance of the beach and Rockys Bar. El Neptune looks good but I am not sure how far it is from Rockys, I like my breakfast there. I stayed at The Europa before its ok but they only have a few 2 bedroom...
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    Rockies Christmas Gifts

    Just returned from 52 days in Sosua. Finally got to meet Mark and Ted from Rockys Bar. Enjoyed their Thanksgiving Turky Dinner very much. ( OK I am a Brit but I love Turkey Dinners, especially good ones ) Mark told me about how for the past few years he and some friends collect bottles of...
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    Plaza Europa Guest House Apartments

    Has anyone stayed at The Plaza Europa Guest House Apartments. Thinking of spending a month of my forthcoming 2 month visit in Sosua and considering a 2 bedroom apartment there. Are they in a central position and possibly convenient for breakfast at Rockys. Regards Keith
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    Cost of Medical Care in Moca

    Anybody have any idea what the cost would be to remove an ovarian cyst at the clinic/hospital in Moca. I have been told 25,000 Pesos ? Does this sound correct or is it a con. Regards Keith
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    Re Tourist Cards

    As a matter of interest and with regard to my previous thread on Tourist Cards. As stated before I only received the Entry Part of the card from the UK DR Embassy and was worried about the blue forms and exit part. I have now returned after a 21 night visit and there was no problem at the...
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    Re Stolen Chain

    The police have got one of the robbers but say my chain is in Puerto Plata and it will cost me 7000 pesos to have it returned. I dont think this is legal but dont want to go to a lot of trouble and cost of a solicitor, any ideas please. I have already been asked to visit the police station...
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    Be Careful in Cabarete

    5.00pm yesterday. Coming out of Supermarket in Cabarete with both hands full. A man grabbed my gold chain and escaped on a motorcycle, been using the supermarket for more than 3 years without a problem, it shows you cant be too carefull. Keith
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    Words Describing Love

    After reading some of the sankie/sankiette and persons looking for love in DR posts. I thought how appropriate that some of the words used to describe people in love are also used to describe afflictions/illness. eg. Lovesick, Infatuation, Madly in love, Mad about her/him, Love is blind and of...