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    What would be your last restaurant up north?

    Now that my final date is set, I want to know what would be your last restaurants to go to up north? One of my last will be Gordito's Fresh Mex for awesome burritos but what would be nice scenic restaurants? Is there any place that would make it worth before I go?
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    After 5 years. We are moving back.

    It had been interesting 5 years and I had learned a lot. Looking at the rapid changes for Santiago in past 5 years, I have good feeling that this country will only go up and not down. Road improvements had been impressive (which is first step every developing country takes) also seeing the...
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    Sending $ from Banco Popular to PayPal to US Bank.

    I did search on this but I wasn't clear. I read conflicting posts where.... 1. I will have to create new Banco Popular dollar account to PayPal account and send fund to my US paypal account and deposit into US account. 2. I would have to do this Pasos account due to double exchange banks are...
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    Anyone having a problem with Claro?

    Anyone having network issue with claro just now? I was watching a game and i have infinite loops of buffering circle. Rebooted router and still having same issue.
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    Is Iphone SE from Claro carrier locked?

    It looks like I am eligible for an upgrade. I don't need a new phones but if I can get couple of phones cheap with the current plan, I am thinking why not? It looks like iPhone is the ones that have most bands and I was wondering if iPhone SE from Claro is unlocked to carriers or...
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    How long does inversor battery last?

    It's been about four years since I had put in invensor in my house and it looks like I will need a new set of 4. Does typical battery last about four years? It really sucks when all these surprise expenses comes up. It feels like everything is getting expensive as time passes by, I remember...
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    How much is your water bill?

    It had been rising consistently and now we had been getting $2500+ bills lately. Corassan recently came by twice and said everything is okay and said it could be the in house problem. But with our pump not running and higher bill then other from day one, and consistent rising, it's hard to...
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    Is time share a new thing in hotels?

    It had been a while since I checked in to during the day time and this time share thing in resort is new to me... I had such a bad luck and experience with Barcelo ever since I started to come to DR several years before I found this site, I seriously think there must be a bad curse cast on me...
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    Review on Sunscape?

    I hated Barcelo. I would never, ever go even they gave me the room away. But without knowing this fully I had reserved a room based on new name and price. And now that I was going tomorrow, I had looked into it further. And wouldn't you know, it's Barcelo. Now I was going to go though...
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    Punto delivery

    Have anyone used punto delivery? I had used it for second time and I just had order a chicken wings from place that I didn't know it existed, and it was just few blocks away from my house too. I am finding new restaurants and now I am loving it. Anyone have suggestions for future orders? I...
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    Looking for long term managerial personnel in Moca.

    Fast growing clothing manufacturing company in Moca is in search for long term managerial personnel that are proactive and that are capable of working with others. Requirement: 1. Proactive personality. 2. Good communication skills. Must speak, read and write both English and Spanish. 3...
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    Immigration lawyer in NJ?

    Does anyone know a good immigration lawyer in New Jersey? I heard so many bad things doing it there. I want to complete my working permit here before I head to DR in January. I guess lawyers specialize in US visa for Dominicans would fit to do this?
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    Jarabacoa Golf Club Condition?

    Anyone knows condition of the golf course and cost on Saturday or Sunday? Since my wife had gone couple of rounds with her friends, now she wants to go where not that many people are around and learn etiquette and basic rules of golf. I am no expert or play well but I want to teach her...
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    Is Claro phone unlocked?

    I got couple of phones for cheap and I was wondering this. Does anybody know if the phones that are purchased though Claro or Orange is unlocked?
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    Media streaming speed.

    Is it just my house or is video streaming really slow today? I get I get 38.98/8.2 u/d to Santo Domingo.and getting 28.3/5.6 to Florida. But forget about Netflex, I can't stream YouTube music videos without buffering. Is anyone having same problems on Claro?