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    Overstay fee after receiving tourist visa extension?

    To make a short summary of what has been discussed. In theory you shouldn't have to pay overstay fee. But in practice it all depends on who is at migration desk when you are leaving. Just to highlight this fact, I have friends that have residency but because their passports was about to expire...
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    Overstay fee after receiving tourist visa extension?

    Well, I still think the main question of the OP is if he has to pay the overstay fee when leaving, which you technically didn't answer. Because if he has to pay the overstay fee even with the visa extension, then what's the point of the extension? Because legal or not, what difference does it...
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    EdeNorte North Coast Electricity outage & restoration announcements.

    No electricity here in Los Castillos for around 1,5 hours now.
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    First Time Visit to the DR. Need information on travel requirements

    Of course I'm generalizing, but I know of people who are like that. I have relatives (on my wife's side) that work in AI and turism industry in general, and they have told me stories of colleagues that have basically refused tip in pesos requesting dollars instead. Although they have tried...
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    First Time Visit to the DR. Need information on travel requirements

    Well, they might not decline it, but they will look at you strange. Because for some reason people don't seem to understand that 1 USD equals around 60 pesos. So if you hand someone 60 pesos, they'll be like what is this? But if you hand them 1 USD it's like gold.. don't know why, maybe just...
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    First Time Visit to the DR. Need information on travel requirements

    Use ATMs, I use "Asociación La Nacional De Ahorro Y Préstamo". They don't charge anything, and with my bank they only charge 1,5% on the exchange, which happens if I use the CC in store as well. So if you're bank don't charge so much in exchange rate or when using an ATM that is an option. I...
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    Resorts, restaurants and waterparks subject to new restrictions for the Easter Week holiday

    Not any accurate information on this, but why do you think that is? Might it be because they actually don't ask people "where did you contract covid?" Perhaps for the most obvious reason, there is literally no way of knowing with certainty from where you got this disease, as you can literally...
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    Need to unlock an American phone in POP

    Why you need to "unlock" it? To my knowledge, now adays it's very unlikely that an android phone is carrier locked, and in that case only high end phones, not cheap alcatel. If it's a phone with cdma instead of a GSM than that's another deal, as it's not a unlocking question, but rather a...
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    EdeNorte North Coast Electricity outage & restoration announcements.

    Same for Sosúa, I live in Los Castillos, so since 10 no electricity. Would also suspect that it is related to the POP outage.
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    Body found at Playa Alicia

    You might want to rethink your comment, as suicides are NO laughing matter.. But yeah they confirmed it was not in fact one of the fishermen, but a 16-year-old Haitian boy who had been missing since Monday.
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    President Abinader tells what’s in the works to combat crime

    Funny that my wife and I were just talking about this. She has a distant cousin who is some kind of lieutenant of sort in PN, and he just says you have to respect the uniforme and when they wear the uniforme they can do whatever they want. So I don't doubt that CR might have had any kind of...
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    Buckle Up...... Big Brother Watching

    Most likely it won't be properly implemented. Some might remember that a couple of years ago, they tried to implement that motos should have a special license to carry passengers, they should be visibly identified, only one passenger and apart from the driver wearing a helmet the passenger...
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    Woman arrested in attempt to smuggle 5 kilos of heroin

    To my concern Prohibition hasn't worked on anything. Murder been eradicated just because it's against the law? Robbery? So then, just because prohibition isn't working should it just be legal? Well then, let all the murderers and rapist of the hook as well then, as it still keeps happening...
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    Buckle Up...... Big Brother Watching

    😂😂😂 my reaction to this... Gonna work? Yeah right.. just as zero tolerance on moto drivers not wearing helmet, although been included in the law for a looooooong time. So just as they are incapable of enforcing the majority of traffic laws, this is also not going to be enforced...🙄🙄
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    Jet Blue flight turned around

    First of all, not enough of a fine, should have been at least 6 figures, but of course that behaviour will make it almost impossible for that person to EVER fly again. As if you act that way that the plane will turn around just because of your behaviour, that will certainly blacklist you from...