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    Hello Nice People!

    It has been ages since I've visited DR1 and the Dominican Republic.  We will be in Sosua from April 5 to the 12th. I should know better and not bring lemons for Mike1, but I will try:cheeky: Anybody want to meet for a coffee? Abrazo
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    Back to Cabarete-Sosua, meeting anyone?

    Hi Folks, We will be back to Cabarete for a week starting November 15. Let me know if you are available to meet. Have a great Sunday
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    Any new good restaurants and events?

    Hello all, Once again we will be heading to Cabarete, and this time with mom and a friend. Any good new restaurants in Cabarete and Sosua? Any events taking place mid-November? Have a wonderful Sunday,
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    What to do in Bavaro when travelling with teenagers?

    Hello All, Going back to Bavaro with my daughter and her friend end of February. Apart from going to Higuey, La Romana or a trip to Santo Domingo, what's available around the area? Any cultural activities happening between Feb 28 and March 6? Happy a great afternoon
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    Dominican Men Preferences According to DR1 Women

    Africaida, this one is like your thread :knockedou I've never been with a Dominicano and I don't think I ever will. Yes I saw gorgeous specimen in SD and Constanza, and my taste differ: they are tall with blue or hazel/ grey eyes. I am an observer, no more no less and since I am from a land of...
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    Going back for a week

    It is always exciting to go back to the lands we cherish. Born in North Africa, I had never felt the urge to visit the old countries until I had my children. My heart stays in Cuba and the Republica Dominicana. It is a chaos that I like, because chaos respect a certain order and I have the...
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    Punta Cana/Bavaro- Santo Domingo

    Debated a long time between Varadero and the East Coast and since I was in Cuba two weeks ago on a business trip, I've decided to take my mom to the East Coast. If you are in the area, if you want to meet, it will be my pleasure. Drop me a pm, we will be there from May 4 to May 11. I am also...
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    Need your help

    Hello dear DR1 members, It has been a while since I've visited the forum. I will be going to Bavaro with my mom and I am planning to go to Santo Domingo so she could discover the oldest capital of the New World. Could you recommend a reliable taxi company or driver? Thanking You and wishing...
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    The art of translating

    Wonder if the person kept his/her job. A contractor was asked to stencil "No Smoking" in Arabic on the side of a truck and this is the result - Imgur
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    An Hymn to the Americas and to the people of the Republica Dominicana

    Since, I've listened to this song by Calle 133, I cannot get enough of it whenever I am down, doubting or full of hope. This song transcends nationalities and is a call for a real Humanity, not one written by me, you, our ancestors, but because each and everyone of us is precious in his/her own...
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    Two years after the earthquake

    Some links as Haiti is again in the mind of journalists. Nou Bouke [We're Tired]: Haiti's Past, Present And Future on Vimeo By Jose Iglesias (Miami Herald) and directed by Joe Cardona (10 months ago) Haiti | Les nantis d'Ha?ti - M Magazine about the 3% that control 80% of the...
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    Any historian on the forum? Was any Morisco ever in the Dominican Republic?

    Hello All, I am working on a project very dear to my heart and I need help to direct me to the right archives for my next visit to La Republica Dominicana. Ever since, I landed in Cuba and La Republica Dominicana, I saw faces that reminded me of my homeland. Many times people addressed in...
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    Big Favour is the DVD of La Hija Natural already in stores?

    Hello All, Looking to purchase La Hija Natural DVD, it is not in circulation in Canada. Maybe due to the fact that it was submitted by the Dominican Republic as a contender for Foreign Movie re Oscar's nominations. Is the DVD already sold in the Dominican Republic? Thanking You
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    Can Moderators notify OP before moving threads?

    Hi Just posted a nice news and it was moved to the Off Topic. Could Moderators at leats notify us poor members not accepted to that section? This is the second time.
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    Happy New Year/Prospero A?o Nuevo

    Dear DR1 members, To the ones I've met and the others yet to meet. May 2012 be one of joy, happiness, great projects, success, love and mainly health. With pictures from the North Coast, Constanza and Santo Domingo with the voice of the beautiful Norah Jones. Hope to keep laughing, learning...