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    Repair company next to my house

    I live on a nice quiet street in Santo Domingo. However I have to leave DR in order to go the USA for business, for months at a time. Without me realizing it upon me returning, the neighbor has set up a home appliance repair shop next door. He repairs oven's, refrigerators and other things...
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    Dominicans in the middle east

    I've heard of Dominicans of Lebanese and Syrian descent. However are there any Dominicans and places where Domos hang out in, over there; Amman Jordan, Beirut Lebanon. I know there has GOT to be a salsa club hidden somewhere over there.
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    How much for microwave and fridge?

    Hello fellow adventurers! How much does it cost for a cheap micorwave and a mini-fridge in "Los paises", (we used to call D.R. that back in the late 80's, b4 I left).
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    How much for heavy duty inverter?

    I am moving to Santo Domingo. I have a house there and I want to get a heavy duty inversor. It's a house with 2 apts on the roof and a 2 smaller rented rooms on the side. I want to get an inversor that will run the AC units, fridges, etc. How much and what brand? Is that a good idea?