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    Free computers in Santiago public schools

    Same in santiago. Same cannot be said for internet
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    Free computers in Santiago public schools

    IT depends where you live. If you are too faro from the school a space Will be made. The anacoana (front of colinas mall) is an elementary school so There is a lot More flxibility for transfers than high school students. If the student doesnt live in the District at all IT is a Forced...
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    Free computers in Santiago public schools

    The public schools hace been distributing computer for 2 Weeks and they are not finished. Your students absolutely can change schools whoever gave you that info is mistaken (source: its my job to transfer students). Disclaimer i think the computer thing is pointless.
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    Cost of Living Santiago 2020-2021

    City: Santiago Area: Las Colinas Dwelling: Detached house Type: Rental Rent: $15,000 Dist: 4 bed/2.5 baths/KT/ 2LR/ 1DR/ office, service quarters/ terrace /laundry area Other: Cistern Area: not sure Mt2 Parking: 2 car Community type: Urbanizacion HOA: $0 Elec Circuit: 24 hours circuit Edenorte...
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    School recommendations for Santiago - bilingual/Spanish as 2nd language

    You won’t find anything close to las charcas. New horizons and Saint David both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you’re willing to travel the city you could consider colegio dominicano as well which is primarily Spanish with a decent English language program. New horizons and Saint...
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    Enhorabuena, Hillbilly!

    Last night, in the annual celebration of "Dia del Maestro" at the PUCMM, our very own Hillbilly was recognized for his more than 50 years of service to the education of PUCMM students. That's not even mentioning all of the other students he has impacted over the years. Congratulations!
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    Community Center in Cienfuegos

    So, about 6 years ago, my partners and I opened a school in Cienfuegos in Santiago. We have a beautiful building and are pretty set in our preschool. We also have some community programming that has been successful and we are looking to expand. So, for the summer, we are looking for some...
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    English Institute in Jarabacoa

    Looking for a quality English institute in Jarabacoa for a pretty applied 15 year old girl. She's studying at one now, but it seems to be pretty low quality (I'm not going to get into an education debate here - lots of Dominicans speak English, so they must be learning somewhere). Any...
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    Embassy transport from santiago

    I'm in a pinch - does anyone here have the number for a transport service to the Embassy from santiago - the kind that leaves at like 3am o get you there on time? We had a guy and he's not Answering his phone
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    Embassy transportation

    I'm in a pinch - does anyone here have the number for a transport service to the Embassy - the kind that leaves at like 3am o get you there on time? We had a guy and he's not Answering his phone
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    Public Access Beach - North Coast/Luperon ??

    Hello Folks! Happy Christmas and all that. My viejos are here and we want to go to the beach tomorrow. We usually go to Sosua, but I'm wondering if there isn't something else Close(ish) to Santiago (so let's not suggest like... Playa Diamante in Nagua) It's been ages since I was in the...
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    tren delantero

    I need to get something in the front of my car fixed. I took it to my regular guy, but he doesn't do (whatever it is that is broken). Any recommendations for the "tren delantero" mechanic?
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    help us feed kids

    Our foundation, Futuro Lleno de Esperanza, opened a new pre-school this year. There are 40 Haitian children studying at the school. The goal of the school is to prepare the students in SPANISH, give them the skills they need for elementary school. Right now, they are in a pretty simple, wooden...
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    Colegio quisqueya

    Colegio Quisqueya is still looking for an ESL teacher for the coming school year. The school is located in El Invi, Santiago (near the Rotonda/Las Colinas). The school has been operating for 40 years, has 600 students and maintains a very favorable reputation in the area. If you or anyone you...
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    Call Centers, no residency required

    Good evening all. I have a friend here, living in Santo Domingo who is looking for work in a call center. She doesn't have residency yet, but will begin the process as soon as she finds a job. Catch-22, she can't get a proper job without residency, and residency is difficult without a job...