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    comparing Dominican and Mexican guys

    so i just came back from another vacation.... this time i was in mexcio. let me tell you, dominican guys are professionals!!! they are ultra smooth, and much better looking compared to mexican guys. they also really know what they're doing when they pick women up, and can fool the prudest...
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    the whale is due down south!!!

    i would like to take a moment out and announce my arrival in POP march 8th. i'll be staying at the jack tar with a friend :0 ) can i say yay???????!!?! although i will not die of a broken heart if i do not meet any of the dr1ers while in the dominican republic.... i would like to however...
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    On what grounds could an American/Canadian citizen be arrested in the DR?

    George's thread sparked this question up for moi. say they arrest you for drugs... then what? can you use the fact that you're not a dominican citizen to avoid being arrested? just wondering (this also relates to the little incidence my friend had on the beach that night... if anyone...
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    how much does the gov't keep?

    anyone know the scoop on how much the government holds back in taxes off health professionals and teachers by any chance? Lee Lee
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    times of the butterfly... the movie

    Just watched a wonderful movie with Salma Hayek (apologize if i have a spelling mistake)... name of movies is something along the lines of 'in the times of the butterfly'? amazing movie.... wanted to know if anyone knows of/can recommend any other productions of this story about the revolution. L
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    booooooooooooo ring

    robbie boy look how boring it is in here without my lovely outbursts? i miss the arguing..... hell i even miss colon. that's all i wanted to say you can go ahead and lock now. LeeeeeeOO
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    To Robert and 'The Regulars'

    I understand many of you are regulars... however this website is not catered solely to 'the regulars' as you all call yourselves. I understand many of the topics raised by 'newcomers' [ Colon take note of quotations... this is an appropriate time to use them] such as myself have been...
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    Djudeo Espanyol........ Ladino..... Sepahardic Jews

    trying to do some research on my roots... don't know much. how is the 'Ladino" language when compared to Spanish. Would one who speaks Spanish understand Ladino?
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    how to tell the difference between a DDD and a skanksta

    so far... the only differnce i know of - a DDD won't take money from you - ? what else fill me in gals (and guys)
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    Sex on the beach... or... infection on the beach... the sobering reatliy?

    ok ok ok... please don't kill me for asking. I HEARD that the tourist area people (especially the chics) have an unusually high rate of STDs... does anyone know what the scoop is on that one? or is it one of those myths travelers spread around? i don't think the people over there are really...
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    Need Advice - What's The Best Resort For Two Young People

    i just made plans with my best friend to go on vacation.... (male friend... which makes vacations somewhat different than going with a female friend) in any case, he wants to do cancun and i'm trying to convince him to go to DR. where could we go in the DR that would give us more...
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    Players... getting into their minds

    I need some help here on this topic... please, if anyone chooses to respond lets stick to the rule of no fighting or ridiculing others ideas... lets stick to expression of opinions, and if rebuttals do arise, may they arise in peace and harmony. amen! what is the point of playing a person? if...
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    i don't know anything about the insurance companies in the DR... whether they cover dental coverage are dominicans living in the major cities big on preventative dentistry? or would i see more cases of caries rather than perio? could anyone give me advice on the quality of life dentists in...
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    How Do I Check Out The Media/picture Gallery???

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    benyamin from puerto plata - anyone know him???

    looking for benji that works in the playa dorada complex in puerto plata... he frequents the club topps.