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    Standardized tests will be easier

    Thank you again, and again for your ongoing support, D'Arcy. Every donation counts. I work as a full time volunteer (unpaid) director/teacher. I have a masters degree in global education and started a private school in Ghana with 8 children. It now has 800. My point is not self promotion...
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    Standardized tests will be easier

    I shared my opinion. And I respect yours. To listen to one another is another way to learn. Always we can learn by exposing ourselves to other perspectives.
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    Standardized tests will be easier

    Like it or not, we now live in a global world, and the current DR President is working hard to be part of it. No one can compete on a global level without the necessary basic education. DR is included. Secondly, uneducated people cannot make sound political decisions. Their vote is easily...
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    Depositing pesos into dollar account???

    Yes. This is because you are American. It had to do with US/Dominican laws and money laundering. Whenever Strength for the Journey receives a transfer of more than $10,000 we must provide documentation showing where the money came from and what it will be used for.
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    Standardized tests will be easier

    Of course, If you are not teaching the required material and if students are not learning, just dumb down the test and brag about your improved results. Bob - I never heard that curriculum objectives had been changed due to COVID. Is that true? Public education is such a disappointment...
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    Sosua: Marriott Just Opened a New Luxury Resort in the Dominican Republic

    That would make it rank as a restaurant comparable to those in the US that serve the most expensive steaks. I can hardly believe it would compare in quality and taste to the best steak houses in the US. However, some hotshot who likes to throw his money around would order it, I imagine...
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    Test time at schools all around the DR

    But if they don't pass on the second chance? They go on to the next grade.....oh, I forgot, ALL pass on the second chance. The teacher helps with the answers.
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    Florida: Haiti’s Special Olympics team mysteriously vanishes, leaves behind all luggage

    I agree. Comparisons between economies and cultures are not always accurate and should only be very carefully analyzed and made.
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    Trial for Murder of Lindsay de Feliz

    Thanks for keeping us informed. If anyone has more information, please share. This is too important and Lindsay was too important to us not to know the details.
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    Childrens day at Colegio San Jose

    Good work. I know it does not come easy. Thank you and your wife for pursuing and finding success amidst all the challenges.
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    Restaurants Santo Domingo

    Here are the photos. You are seeing still photos. I have a couple video clips where you can see and hear the water moving, the birds calling, etc. However, I think you get the idea. These photos were taken not outside in the terraza where the images could be directly seen, but inside the...
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    Restaurants Santo Domingo

    And would need to add that Blue Moon - although an altogether different experience and package- is probably closest to the experience in SD. However, Blue Moon does not offer a menu. It is a fixed meal. But- the client service, the preparations, the flavors and the atmosphere and experience...
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    Restaurants Santo Domingo

    Been there many times. It is good. Probably the best you can get in Sosua/Cabarete. I like the owners and I respect their knowledge and dedication. But does not equal to the restaurants I have tried so far in Santo Domingo.
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    Restaurants Santo Domingo

    Ate at Maraca last night. As recommended, we had reservations at 7 pm. Arrived a few minutes early, told the maitre'd that we had reservations. She opened a book and I saw 2 -3 pages of reservations! You who recommended that was not kidding. When they took us in, they asked whether we...
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    Restaurants Santo Domingo

    Back in Santo Domingo tomorrow. Am continuing to sample the best restaurants as recommended by you here. Tomorrow we have decided on Maraca. Pikobello wrote that I should first make reservations, and that made my decision where to go next. Any restaurant that...