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    If You are in the DR and get sick.

    What is your plan? I mean chest heaving, fever cannot catch a breathe or smell nor taste anything sick. Will you go try to find an ICU bed in a private clinic, go to HOMS, go to the biggest hospital in Santo Domingo??? What is everybody's game plan? Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Automobile Insurance Without Drivers License

    I think I saw this somewhere and searched but nothing came up. If I buy automobile insurance in the DR but have no drivers license, cedula or residency is my automobile insurance invalid? Thanks.
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    Pre Built Dog House

    Yes, I'm lazy. Any ideas where to buy one...other than having somebody build one. 5x3, house 2 small dogs.
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    Thanksgiving Dinner

    Any restuarants in Sosua, Cab, PP offering Thanksgiving dinner? Too bad no Mimis on the island[emoji1787]
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    Cool Transportation Link

    Just came across this one. Most of the regs know this stuff but good for newcomers!
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    Any Reliable Decent Mechanics?

    From Nagua to PP. North Coast. Anyone with decent machinery for diagnostics and an alignment perhaps...oh, and decent tire prices. Thank you in advance.
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    "MEAT" TO GO???

    I bought frozen burger patties from Janets. Meat To Go. Their steaks are usually great. Every now and again you get a tough one. People on DR1 always talk up their product. I cooked these burgers through and no matter how long I grille them, THE MEAT REMAINS RED. Beef never remains red when...
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    Cortisone Shot

    Need a shoulder shot. CMC in Sosua? Orthopod with the shot? Thanks!
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    Type of Bird

    I have been told it's called a Guacko. Im thinking it maybe a Palmchat. The loudest most annoying squak squak squak squak then a bunch of gurgling. Everytime I go to record it, it silences. I also have been told their incessant squaking is a rain predictor. I looked up usual methods to to be...
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    Whats the deal with the black flies everywhere. I am on the North Coast and these beasts are endless. Is this seasonal? An anomoly? Business as usual? Is it wind direction? God forbid you are trying to eat a sandwhich or have a refresco around these carnivorous beats.
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    Flashing a Router

    Anyone had any success? Have a Netgear R7000 AC1900 and want to flash it to a DR Regional location. It's from the US. DDWRT? Thanks.
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    Nasty Stuff Everywhere

    Islands of nastiness floating in on the North Coast. This is off Cabrera. Have been seeing this for days. Where is it all ending up?
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    Gas Lamp Cylinders

    Has anyone ever seen a Coleman or any type of propane gas cylinder for a Coleman type lantern anywhere in the DR? I have looked most everywhere including Sirena, Pricesmart, Jumbo and most larger hardware stores with no luck. Thank you.
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    Ivanka and Jared Visit The Amanera

    Seems like they had a fun relaxing time here.
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    Strong Smell of Smoke

    Cabrera area starting at 3am. Still going strong today. Is this that Swahili smoke cloud thing? Need a gas mask🤢