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    whats going on in La Ciénaga today???

    Someone showed me a "casa" for sale there in 2004, 2500$. I declined... I had some great nights in the colmado there !
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    Cancer victim: Milka from Rockys :(

    I met her on my first trip in 2004 in Rockys and several times after. Very sad news... Especially for the 1.5 yo kid :(
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    Cancer victim: Milka from Rockys :(

    Very sad....
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    The future of Sosua

    Where or what is Clistante ?
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    Ticket with Continental : Now or last-minute ?

    I want a ticket from EWR to POP in january, dates flexibles. Is it better to reserve now or wait last minute ? Does the prices fall before the date of departure ? Thank you.
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    Canadian charter flights vs regulars flights

    I always tought that last minute canadian charter flight were always much cheaper than regular flight. After some research, I found out a lot of regular flight at the same price or less and 2-3 months in advance ( on US company). Can someone explain how it works to me ?
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    How to tell : puta or chica seria ?

    Hi to all ! I've met a girl on my first trip this year. She is working in a bar a la playa Sosua. I spent some time with her and had fun. I've not fallen for her and I consider her like a good friend. She kept telling me "i'm not a puta, i don't go with all the tourists who ask for me, bla...