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    Credit card fraud

    Sad to report I have just heard from my bank that my credit card number was used in santo Domingo two weeks ago. I have not been in country for several months. Card has been closed, now to file fraud paperwork. It's a shame. I was staying in punta Cana last year and used my card at nacional...
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    Rant about Claro

    I've always said you don't hear from the happy people....I've been in PC for 74 days now and for the most part it's been smooth sailing. I use Claro 3g Wifi stick and I purchased 30 days/3g. Well, due to Netflix usage I burned up my 3g's right away and when I went to re-up, I was told I had to...
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    science teacher needed immediately

    7-12 grade certified science teacher needed. You must have a teaching diploma or university degree in the sciences. Location is in PC. If you are certified TESOL or EFL you are not qualified for this position, you must be a licensed teacher of the sciences or have a university degree in the...
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    I have never had this issue in my life. Here are the details. I wake up, Saturday morning, peel a green plantain and put it on the stove top to boil. Actually to be honest I used a steamer to steam it, one of those double pans. Anyway I own a small two burner electric stovetop. Before you...
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    Google voice/Google chat

    Ok maybe this has been posted but I will post it again. I have a Google voice number (Maine #) I got a while back and I used to forward it to my land line when I had a land line and lived in Maine. Now that I am in DR I now forward it to my Google chat (after I installed the call and video...
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    claro texts

    I used the search function but perhaps did something wrong. I keep getting Claro texts on my phone advertising this and that. A few weeks back someone else asked how to stop these. Can someone enlighten me? Thanks in advance.
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    Basic vocabulary for setting up house

    Hello there, I would love some help. Basic vocab for setting up house? Shutters/Shades Curtain rods Water stand for large water bottle Picture hangers Paint for typical cement wall I know I will have more questions about household vocabulary. Been messing up my Spanish today. Must be the...
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    cell phone in Punta Cana

    Hey there, another question about life in PC. What is the best cell phone service? I will be in PC Village. What is the startup cost? I have an Iphone 3g, use it in airplane mode here, and was told someone down there could unlock it (I am sure for a FEE) and I could use that phone. Any truth...
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    I'm on tap for another DR adventure, I leave in six weeks for a one year contract. Already my suitcases are out, I'm packing up my stuff, and looking for the best way to get some semblance of my life here, there. At first I thought of shipping, but after a few days of recon I think it will be...
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    more learnin' for ya!

    Video: Yunel Cruz – Dominicanita | Zambombazo | Fun Spanish worksheets Download the hoja de actividades, watch the video and you are on your way!
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    skate culture in DR

    La Isla ent. While researching Bavaro I came across some great pics on Flickr which led me to the above site. I've considered longboarding as a viable activity to snowboarding for a long time, especially now the kids locally have these boards and I have had a chance to try one. Interesting...
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    for the right person...

    I was checking out the "rest" of DR1 yesterday and when browsing real estate I found this really cute place in Cabrera. For the right person with the wherewithal to live in such conditions, this looks like a super sweet place. Read: you have some idea of living in the DR and what it would take...
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    sports words

    My kids need to know do you use la bola or la pelota for the following: el beisbol el f?tbol el baloncesto TIA
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    great website to learn Spanish This is a great will like this. Clozelines...when you listen and fill in the will need to print the .pdf. This is an ad free open educational resource, woot!!
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    shipping donations

    My school is donating some older laptops to various charities/foundations in the DR. They were otherwise headed to the dump. Can anyone recommend a way to transport them? So far the idea of volunteers carrying them piecemeal is top of our list. However if anyone knows of a one-time shipment...