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    Quiz for Professionals

    I got this in my inbox today and thought it was worth passing on. The wife has already seen it a couple of times, but it was a new one on me... ******** Short Quiz For Professionals The following short quiz consists of four questions, and it will tell you whether you are qualified to be a...
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    Smith Enron Fire Pictures...?

    I would greatly appreciate it if anyone that has pictures of the fire at the Smith Enron power plant could forward them to me via email: Thanks in advance. marc
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    Pan-Am Games

    I read in the news the other day that although the official line is "the venues will be ready", there is still concern among Pan-Am officials. When I was living down there, I swore the venues would never be done on time. I have a couple of friends that will be competing in the games, and was...
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    Se Bende!!

    Was just going through my pics and remembering our year in the DR when I came across these pics I thought you may enjoy. miss ya marc <center><img src=""> </p> <img src=""> </center> For those that don't know, For Sale in spanish is...
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    Media Gallery - comments

    Hi Rob - Couple of comments on the media gallery. I have only tried it once, and think it needs some fine tuning: <b>Uploads</b> - why is it that I can upload several pics at once, but with only one description? How do I choose what category to upload to? <b>Categories</b> - we are going to...
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    Cigar tour with Hillbilly

    Well HB, it has been about a month since you took my friends and I on the tour of the cigar factory in Santiago. Finally got the pics together and sorted after our move back home, and figured I would post them for you and all to see. Our heartfelt thanks for your great hospitality, the beers...
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    Last of the motoconcho pics

    Well, after 14 months my wife and I have made the transition from life in Sosua to the cold weather of Saskatchewan, Canada. We'll miss the DR, and will always have fond memories (and some not so fond ;)). I have some new <b>concho pics</b> from our last couple of months on the island, and...
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    Axis of Evil - Humour

    Never saw the DR in here, but maybe we could make an axis with Haiti and Dominica...not sure what we could call it. ;) marc ***** Beijing, China (AP) - Bitter after being snubbed for membership in the "Axis of Evil," Libya, China, and Syria today announced they had formed the "Axis of...
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    One way flights to US - possible?

    When my wife and I leave the DR in Apr/May we would like to fly into Miami, drive up the east coast, enter Canada from Detroit into Hamilton...then fly to Alberta/Saskatchewan from there on a Canadian airline. Question: Will we (Canadian Citizens) be allowed to enter the US with a one way...
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    Samana - deep sea fishing

    Hey all. Got a buddy coming to visit in mid-March and is hell-bent on going deep sea fishing. From the archives, looks like Samana is better than Sosua/PP.....sounds good, we were going to head out that way anyways. Is there deep sea fishing this time of year (with all the whaling going on...
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    At Long Last - Pig on Motoconcho

    Finally got a pic of the ever elusive cerdo-concho on our last trip out to Samana. Too bad about the hand in the pic, but beggars can't be choosers... marc
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    New Power Plant in POP

    Does anyone know anything about the new power plant that is rumored to be going ahead in Puerto Plata? marc
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    Motoconcho Pics

    I have a little collection of pics of motoconchos and the things that they carry/do. The trouble is, you never seem to have a camara handy when you see the guy carrying the washing machine, or lazy boy recliner on the back!! I would appreciate any additions to my collection, you can send them...
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    Rob - Question about email addresses

    rob clicking on the name of the thread initiator takes you to their profile, and their email address. Once you are into a thread, you cannot click on the names of subsequent posters. Question: How do you get the email address of people that have replied to posts? marc