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    Leaving the Country overland - Law about Departure Tax?

    I know that they charge you 20 US$ departure tax. I think it is always already included in the airfare. When I crossed the border in Dajabon, they charged me 20 US$ as well. I did not really get their explication and I just paid. I am wondering what is the legal basis for charging those 20...
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    "No tengo minutos" - why is calling so expensive in the DR?

    Well, the title says it: Why are "minutos" so expensive in the DR? I have been traveling around Asia and there it everyone is using pre-paid sim cards too and it costs nearly nothing to text and call. For example in Sri Lanka: A minute costs less than two cents. A text costs not even a cent and...
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    Is jail in the DR really like that?

    I came across this interesting article: Life in jail in the Dominican Republic I'm wondering how much of it is true? Who wrote this article when and where did this person get all this information? Or is the article not meant seriously in the first place?
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    Buying a Motorcycle - How to?

    Hey, what is the best way to buy a motorcycle (like 125cc, i don't mean big bikes)? Buying a used one (from private), is it okay to just take the paper and that's it (keeping the old owners name in there)? He could then go to the police and say I stole his motorcycle... So one should better go...
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    Creating an import-business?

    Hello, I would like to import and sell a certain product which I would buy in China. How hard is it to start such a business in the DR? I lived one year in the DR but didn't have my own business. I already found quite a lot information on the web, but reading the posts in the forum it sounds...
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    Crossing the Border to Haiti on a Motorcycle?

    Hi, I wanted to ask if it's possible to cross the border to Haiti on your own motorcycle. I already read that it's not easy to cross the border with a rental car, but what's about your own motorcycle? Thank you very much!
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    Skimboarding in Sosua

    Hi, someone told me that he saw people doing crazy skimboarding on a beach in Sosua, but he couldnt remeber which exactly. Has anyone seen people skimboarding (which is like surfing, but you'Re waiting on a beach an throwing your board on the very shallow water and then jump on it...) on a beach...
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    Real reason for power blackouts all the time?

    Hi, I talked to somebody about all the power blackouts all the time. He told me that someone told him (yeah, I know that sounds not very trustworthy, but wait) the "real" reason for those. And in my opinion it makes sense: He said that they shut down the electricity on purpose, so people needing...
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    Church "Cristianos" - sect?

    Hey, I live in Cabarete and here is a church which seems to me more like a sect. Especially in the last days, they were having their church service on the street, so I was forced to listen... Well since the church is not far away from my house I can also hear them when they are having church...
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    Traveling by motorcycle - safe?

    Hi, I would like to know if it is safe to travel through the whole island on a motorcycle. I know that the road rules are different and of course kind of dangerous, that's not the point. I mean if its risky traveling lonely roads on a motorbike (attacks or invasions)? I wont travel at night... I...