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    Most cost effective method for accessing/transferring funds from US banks into the DR

    How do you guys transfer funds from US bank accounts ( hopefully avoiding the expensive bank transfer fees) into DR banks?
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    Coverage and costs of health insurance in The DR?

    Hi all, as my family and I prepare for the adventure, I'd love to get some exact info on family health coverage while in the DR. Two adults, one child, and mother-in-law. What's covered and not covered and related costs? Thanks in advance.
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    Social clubs in Santo Domingo?

    Recommendations and approximate joining and yearly fees (pros and cons for families) of social clubs such as Club Naco, Arroyo Hondo, Casa Espa?a, Country Club? Thanks.
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    This is how you deal with corrupt politicians

    Been thinking about how developed nations best eradicate or at least minimize corruption. Would love to start up some ideas to see if some day the DR manages to overcome that social cancer. I understand that established and independent branches of the government along with stiff penalties help...
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    I wish someone had warned me about living in the DR ...

    I'd like to compile a list of what I wish I had known before moving to the DR. And, of course a list of the pleasant surprises as well. Please contribute items in a list format with related explanations. Thanks.
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    What defines middle class status in the DR?

    I've been warned that this topic will shake the hornets nest. Please help me grasp what it means to be middle class (lower, middle, and upper) in the Dominican Republic. The intent is to be enlightened, not to be provocative.
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    Relocating the family to Sto Dgo, dream or nightmare?

    I'm considering relocating from NYC with my wife (American, psychotherapist, recent mom) and young son to Sto Dgo. I am an experienced mathematics teacher hoping to teach at a bilingual school in DR. Professional opportunities for me and my wife? Pros and cons of the move? Any advise is...