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    Annual Property Taxes

    I forgot to mention: the land is currently not used for anything, so there is no construction on the land.
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    Annual Property Taxes

    I've owned a piece of land in the hills of Coson close to Las Terrenas for 20 years. I never had to pay any property taxes for it. My understanding was this is because it is in the country side, far outside any urban development. Last year I took advantage of the Wealth Disclosure Law. Now for...
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    Overview of Dominican Real Estate Law

    the links in the op don't work anymore, could somebody repost?
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    Overstay fee after receiving tourist visa extension?

    I had to pay the fee only once, upon leavin at the airport. But I had to pay a doctor examination as well for the extension.
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    Overstay fee after receiving tourist visa extension?

    I had to pay the overstay fee.
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    Overstay fee after receiving tourist visa extension?

    I have successfully applied for an extension of my tourist visa for up to 4 months. Will I still have to pay the overstay fee at the airport upon leaving the country?
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    Until recently you could basically stay in DR for as long as you wanted and then pay an "exit fee" on your departure. I understand this has changed and now you are apparently required to apply online for an extension of your stay if you want to stay more than 30 days...
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    Developer/contractor in Las Terrenas

    I need to build some infrastructure: road, water, electricity. Could someone recommend a good and reliable developer/contractor (preferably English speaking) in the Las Terrenas area?
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    Amnesty Law...Until Mid-January

    yes it was me who brought it up.
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    Amnesty Law...Until Mid-January

    no not directly of course. But inflation and currency exchange rates correlate: if the DOP loses value against the USD this will increase the costs of imports and therefore increase inflation.
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    Amnesty Law...Until Mid-January

    I found this with regards to the question if capital gains include inflation: quote: "the capital gain is calculated by deducting the acquisition cost (adjusted for inflation) from...
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    Amnesty Law...Until Mid-January

    I own a piece of land in LT (with no construction yet) and I am thinking of doing this myself. At first glance it looks like a really good deal. The problem I see is that (from my understanding, please correct me if I'm wrong) the value of the land is defined in Peso, not USD. So with a further...
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    Tourism collapses 87% in August

    Earlier in this thread someone mentioned that tourism accounts for 8-10% of GDP in DR. Could someone explain what that means? Does it only account for the "direct" payment of goods and services by the tourists, or does it also include e.g. the bartender of the AI-hotel who uses his salary to pay...
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    Payment of overstay fees

    Could somebody please tell me if they accept credit cards for the payment of the overstay fee at Punta Cana airport? Or Euros in cash?
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    Bus / guagua LT to Punta Cana

    I will probably have to catch a flight tomorrow from Punta Cana the German government organizes to bring back its citizens. I am currently in Las Terrenas. Does anyone have intel about the current bus / guagua situation? Are they going as normal?