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    Nice Remembrance of Cuqui Cordova in the New Yorker
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    Thesaurus Bookstore Closed

    Went out to Thesaurus to get some Christmas shopping done, and am sad to say that Thesaurus Bookstore on Ave. Lincoln just south of 27th Feb. is closed. A great store, with a nice little cafe, that will be fondly remembered.
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    Books For Free Download

    Centro Cuesta Nacional stores have a series of great books on the country, Orgullo de mi Tierra. So far there are 4 books, Samana, Barahona, Pedernales, and the newest in the series on La Vega. Besides being for sale, you can download a copy of the books at the links below, for those who might...
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    SDQ Admirals Club Closing

    According to American Airlines, their Admirals Club in Santo Domingo will be closing July 31 - yet another reason not to fly American. Admirals Club Lounge | Airline Clubs & Lounges | American Airlines
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    2012 International Book Festival Dates

    Anyone know the dates for the book festival - it usually occurs sometime in mid to late April or early to mid May. I haven't been able to find any updates on the Dept. of Culture website or any other search. Thanks in advance!
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    Rocking Chairs

    Does anyone know a good resource for purchasing one of the good quality, traditional, handmade Dominican Rocking Chairs? Hopefully one that ships to the US, or even a source or store from somewhere in the States, NY area or such? I'm of course talking about the chairs made from I believe from...
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    Dominican Symphony Schedule for 2010

    For those of you who are classical music lovers, I thought that I would post the Dominican Symphony schedule (since after 2 concerts, its still not on their website anywhere that I can find!). Some of you may want to know dates in advance to schedule your trips down around! You may also wish...
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    Santo Domingo to Higuey

    Looking for good public transit options to Higuey for tomorrow's Altagracia activities. From Santo Domingo, where do the gua gua's leave from for there, or is Metro Bus an option? Is there any sort of staging area for others going there? Any other ideas? Thanks!
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    Photo Exhibit

    There is a wonderful new photo exhibition around Parque Independencia, all of photos taken from the air, of the Dominican Republic, countryside, people, cities, etc... They are all published in a book which is for sale in stores published by Funglode, called 'Nuevas Perspectivas: Republica...
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    AA Office on El Conde closed

    Just an FYI to all, the American Airlines office on the Conde closed as of yesterday. In case anybody might need to use the AA office, it appears as if the nearest other office is on Churchill, but the one on the Conde is definitely shut tight with all American signage removed and a sign on the...
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    Best Record Store for 'Old Skool' Bachata

    Does anybody know the best record store for old merengue and bachata, anywhere in the Dominican Republic, but preferably in Santo Domingo? I really love some of the old stuff - Leonardo Paniagua, Jose Manuel Calderon, the stuff that IASO Records - Roots Bachata, Merengue, & World Music is...
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    Cafa Jarabacoa Coffee

    When I was in Chicago, I picked up a couple of bags of this Dominican coffee called Cafe Jarabacoa (Cafe Jarabacoa - Premium Coffee from the Dominican Republic). I am a bit of a coffee snob I guess you could say, but truly think that this is some of the best coffee that I have ever bought. It...
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    Punta Cana Restaurant in Chicago

    Wanted to give a quick review of Punta Cana Restaurant, in Chicago, IL. I went a few weeks ago, and I thought the food was really excellent. The restaurant is very clean and nice inside, though not what you would call fancy at all, with light bachata music playing in the background. I had the...
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    Dominican Restaurant in Chicago

    Has anybody been to this restaurant, named Punta Cana, in Chicago? I would like to know if it's worth a stop when in Chicago. The menu, (its in the top link), looks great, but if anybody's been I would like to hear their experience. Punta Cana - Chicago Restaurant & Menu Guide. Menus...
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    Dengue Fever Article

    An interesting article by AP News about the rise of Dengue in the Caribbean. iWon News - Dengue Fever Surges in Latin America