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    Doing business in DR from USA

    Hello, What are the things I have to look out if I were to offer a online service in the dominican republic that could be managed from US? It does not require deliveries, shipping, nada. Its just a online service. Any advice will definitely be appreciated! Gab.
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    Looking for academies information

    Hello all, I would like to know how can I find or if someone can direct me somewhere for me to contact some of the baseball training academies in DR. Thank you.
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    Looking to moving to DR - looking for actual rates and good companies

    Hello all, I am considering moving back to DR, while searching for moving companies, I have come to notice that their price are way off each other, to the point that I believe they are just trying to rip me off. I would greatly appreciate if you can recommend someone or some company to do my...
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    Amazon Shipping to Santiago

    Hello, I buy lots of thing through Amazon and if I were to move to Santiago, I would like to know if anybody has any idea how it would work and whats the best way to get this done. Also I would like to know how returns work from Santiago back to the states. Thank you.
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    New Guy

    Hey everyone, New guy to the site, a lot of very good people in here and very active community (I like that) but my main purpose of joining here is because I would like to find out or if you could point me out to the current events in regards to Gun laws in the country. Anyone who is familar...